"The Cyber Miracles" by Mary Pat Hyland


Across the bridge, Main Street became Court Street. She passed the nut store and inhaled a heavenly aroma of roasting cashews. Her mother used to buy Spanish peanuts and penuche fudge whenever they stopped there. The surrounding buildings with empty storefronts and signs of years of neglect saddened Maeve. Sketchy characters lingered in the doorways.

"The Farmer and the Grill" by Shannon Hayes


For some people, there is no greater pleasure than sinking their teeth into a thick, juicy steak or a sizzling hamburger. In our prevailingly urban society in which less than three percent of the population works in agriculture and effectively feeds the other ninety-seven percent, people seldom reflect on the sources of their food, and might get it wrong if they did think about it. But chances are that the succulent leg of lamb or roast chicken was the product of a modern industrial-like procedure rather than an ancient process of nature. Dr. Shannon Hayes points out in her book “The Farmer and the Grill” that livestock should be free to graze, and if you aren’t eating grassfed meat then, to paraphrase an old saying, you ain’t tasted nothin’ yet.” http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/wskg/local-wskg-717539.mp3

Shannon Hayes and her family live and work on Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Warnerville, Schoharie County, NY.