Joe Stanky & The Cadets, Show One

Let’s Polka is WSKG’s locally produced half hour of toe-tapping polka fun. We are proud to feature the legendary Joe Stanky & The Cadets on this episode. Joe Stanky and The Cadets have been performing for over 25 years appearing at venues from Texas to Massachusetts and Florida to Michigan. They are known for their versatility providing audiences with a variety of musical stylings including polkas, country, rock n’ roll, and specialty tunes. The Cadets are Joe Stanky (violin and vocals), John Evanina (trumpet and vocals), Nick Nidon (accordion and vocals), Bob Smurlo (keyboard and bass) and Mike Magdon (drums and vocals).

Jamie Willard, Part Two

Guitarist Jamie Willard is featured once again on Expressions and his eclectic playing will delight any music aficionado. Jamie Willard has been performing for more than thirty years and his music has in that time evolved into a rendition of beauty and a distillation of grace. His compositions are variously described as “[i]ntricately detailed, a pleasure not only to listen to but to see”. Jamie’s artistry ranges from Classical to Jazz to Country and Rock; each with its own passion and raw sophistication along with Jamie’s own style and wit. A graduate of the Flip Hayes School of Guitar, Jamie also was fortunate enough to study with classical master Paul Sweeny.

"Trips; or, Everyday Adventures" by M. W. Lovegreen


You can plan a journey, a vacation or a learning opportunity, but can you plan an adventure?  Adventure is defined as “an undertaking of uncertain outcome”, “a hazardous enterprise”, but also as simply “an exciting experience.”  It’s natural for people to look for new paths and test themselves against the unfamiliar.  It certainly makes for a good story. Encountering life in the wild can be chilling or elating, a human experience that reminds us humans of how we are part of a world that we can’t always control.

M. W. Lovegreen is one of those people attracted to outdoor adventures, and the kind of guy you’d think could easily deal with the unusual, unexpected and strenuous.  He grew up in New York City’s borough of Queens — where a walking path along an abandoned motorway or a fetid patch of swampland can pass for a nature preserve — but he has lived for the past four decades in the state’s bucolic Southern Tier.  Mike is the Conservation District Manager of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, a guardian of the environment and our natural resources.  He has written many technical papers with titles like “River Conservation Plan for Sugar and Towanda Creek Watersheds”, and now he’s authored a book for a general readership about life in the great outdoors.  It’s sometimes amazing that he lived to tell about it. “Trips; or, Everyday Adventures” follows Mike, his wife Elaine and their four kids through many vacation mishaps and hard-won wisdom.  There are 22 chapters, tales of peril and survival on land, sea and air. Mike heads Out West and into a possible plunge from a narrow mountain roadway, joins a rubber raft excursion down the Black River in the Adirondacks and nearly drowns, is eaten alive by mosquitoes and even embarks on a scuba-diving expedition to the Bahamas only to find those tropical islands bathed in a rare cold snap.  Much of what Mike Lovegreen writes in “Trips; or, Everyday Adventures” carries the authority of an environmental status report, the immediacy of a diary and the patient humor of a vacationer still determined to have a good time.

John Stevens' Doubleshot, Show One

Let’s Polka welcomes the extreme push music of John Stevens’ Doubleshot in this half hour of fun and excitement. Formed in 1995, Doubleshot have released over 15 polka records in that time and have garnered many awards. In 2003 the band made the Top 20 list of Best New Songs from at #17 with “Gonna Have a Party”. Then in 2005 they made the list again at #9 for the song “Back to the Sea”. The band is called Doubleshot due to the fact that their are two accordions (played by Stevens and Joe Krzysik) and two trumpets (played by Jeff Teufel and Chris Wanyo). The group is rounded out by drummer AJ Wanyo.

John Stevens' Doubleshot, Show Three

WSKG proudly welcomes back John Stevens’ Doubleshot to Let’s Polka. Armed with two accordions and two trumpets this Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania band will surely get your hands-a-clapping and your toes-a-tapping. Over it’s fifteen year career Doubleshot have played polka festivals all across the country including some in Connecticut, Illinois and Michigan. This set is filled with polka standards such as ‘Pennsylvania Hills’, ‘Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie’ and ‘Roll Out the Barrel’. Clear some space out in your living room and dance along to John Stevens’ Doubleshot!

John Stevens' Doubleshot, Show Two

John Stevens and Doubleshot return to Let’s Polka to delight the WSKG studio audience with their amazing songs. From near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania this group has been together for over 15 years, delighting fans from all over the northeast and even out to the midwest. With two accordions and two trumpets every song is a doubleshot of great polka fun. Highlights include ‘Never Ending Love’ (sung by trumpet player Jeff Teufel), and the classic ‘Blue Skirt Waltz’. Hosted by Bill Flynn who also conducts an interview with the band on-stage.

Tony's Polka Band, Show Three (Season One)

Let’s Polka welcomes back Tony’s Polka Band from Albany, New York. In the beginning, before ‘Tony’s Polka Band’ was even a thought, the Banewicz family would often get together on Sunday afternoons at the Banewicz family farm. Being the former band leader of ‘Mary’s Polka Band’ in the 1970’s, Elizabeth “Betty” Banewicz enjoyed pulling out old scores of music to play along, on her accordion, with her grandchildren, who were all beginning to learn instruments in the school band. It was not long before this music struck a chord with grandson Tony Banewicz and motivated him to start a band of his own. Thus, in the winter of 1996, ‘Tony’s Polka Band’ was born and it’s still going strong today!

Tony's Polka Band, Show Two (Season One)

WSKG is pleased to welcome Tony’s Polka Band back to the Let’s Polka stage! This band will surely get your toes-a-tapping and your hands-a-clapping with its energetic Polish style music. Tony Banewicz has been playing music since he was 11 years old when he joined his grandmother’s band and he keeps his family close as both his brother and sister join him for this set. Highlights include a foot-stomping rendition of ‘Fiddling Man’ and a performance of the classic ‘Orange Blossom Special’. Bill Flynn hosts and chats with the band on-stage.

Tony's Polka Band, Show One (Season One)

WSKG is proud to present Let’s Polka, a half hour of fun and excitement featuring local bands and a live studio audience. We welcome Tony’s Polka Band from Albany to the stage for this debut episode. This band is a family affair as Tony Banewicz is joined on-stage by brother Mike (trumpet and vocals) and sister Sarah (saxophone and vocals). The group is rounded out by Mike Kryluwych (bass) and Steve Dudas (drums). Stick around for the rousing closing number, ‘Pennsylvania Hills’.

Joe Stanky & The Cadets, Show Three

Joe Stanky & The Cadets return to Let’s Polka for another episode of fun and excitement. Joe has been entertaining audiences with his fiddle and good cheer for close to thirty years and he brings along a crack set of musicians to back him up. The band is Joe Stanky (fiddle and vocals), John Evanina (trumpet and vocals), Nick Nidon (accordion and vocals), Bob Smurlo (keyboards and bass) and Mike Magdon (drums and vocals). Enjoy this half hour of music ranging from traditional polkas to tender country ballads. Bill Flynn hosts and joins the band on-stage for an interview.