"No Freedom Shrieker" by Katherine Aldridge

A soldier’s life is a queer life to be sure.  In no other place will a man find such intense bitterness mixed with such exquisite sweetness as here.  See for instance the poor, tired footsore soldier, forgetting all his pains of the great day, and even a smile of gladness on his countenance, as he studies out the lines by the flickering fire light, penned by his wife.  That, for a time, fills his heart.” — from “No Freedom Shrieker”
The ongoing observance of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War is also the 50th anniversary of the war’s centennial.

"Shine While You Dine" by Robert A. Shutt


The economy is improving — surely too slowly for some, but conditions are looking better and opportunities are on the increase. Business leaders may start planning for expansion, workers can see reasons to sharpen their skills, entrepreneurs and investors are stimulating new enterprises, everyone is looking to take advantage of a rebound. People may see their careers advance as resumés are polished and job interviews planned. If the offer looks to be serious, if the proposal feels like it could fly, there may be an invitation to discuss it over lunch. A life-changing event could develop in-between the Yankee bean soup and the chicken parmagiana.