Gates Foundation Announces Open Access Policy

When colleges and universities do research, the studies typically appear in journals. Most of these publications charge readers for access. But that’s starting to change. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds research nationwide, recently announced a new open access policy. Under the policy, all research the Foundation supports must be available to the public free of charge.


Open Textbooks Help Students Cut Costs

College students in the U.S. average $1,200 in textbook costs per year. This month SUNY took steps to cut that cost with its Affordable Learning Solutions program. Courtney O’Hagen is a SUNY Broome psychology professor with a common problem: her students don’t read their textbook. But recently O’Hagen realized they’re not reading it because they’re not buying it. “So I asked them what their reason was for not purchasing the textbook, and for many of them it was that they could not afford the textbook,” O’Hagen says.


Ithaca Superintendent Visits White House For Tech Conference

After its passage on Nov. 4, New York’s Smart Schools Bond Act will put more technology in classrooms. The federal government is working on its own school technology initiative, called ConnectED. At the ConnectED to the Future summit on Wednesday, 100 superintendents from across the country gathered for a discussion at the White House. Luvelle Brown, from the Ithaca City School District, was there, and he spoke with us after his trip. WSKG: What was your biggest takeaway from these discussions?


Elmira Charter School Hunts For A Building

Charter schools are one of the issues expected to consume the New York State Legislature this year. Finding a building is one major hurdle charters face statewide. Elmira’s Finn Academy, the Southern Tier’s second charter school, is scheduled to open in August and still doesn’t have a building. Three buildings are on the academy board’s short list: the former Ernie Davis Middle School, Elmira’s Federal Building — also known as the old post office — and what used to be Iszard’s Department Store. Finn Academy’s Maggie Thurber recently took the school’s board on a tour of the former department store.

November 13, 2014 | Anna Coogan; Tafelmusik


Conductor Ubaldo Valli talks about the SUNY-Cortland Community Orchestra concert, “Tell Me a Story”. Ithaca-based singer-songwriter Anna Coogan introduces us to her new CD. The Canadian period instrument ensemble Tafelmusik comes to Cornell with their “Galileo Project” and we hear from the conductor, Jeanne Lamon. https://youtu.be/cuJFIA_qpPk

July is Grassroots!

The Grassroots Festival is Upsate NY premier music festival which every year draws thousands of people from all over, who come to the small historical town of Trummansburg, a few miles north of Ithaca, to enjoy some of the best musical acts in the country. Grassroots is held in July and over a four-day-period, national and local acts line up to bring back-to-back music in a carefree, love-for-all unique atmosphere and surrounded by beautiful natural surroundings. Some of the genres represented among the musicians include: folk and Americana, bluegrasss, singer song writer, among other earthy tones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsrpVN6Vipk

WSKG’s crew went behind the scenes in 2014 and showed us a glimpse of USA today’s top 10 outdoor music festival in the country.

Southern Tier Actors Read presents a Patriotic Radio Show for Veterans Day


Judy McMahon speaks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about Southern Tier Actors Read and their celebration of Veterans Day — and some upcoming performances. Directors Judy McMahon and Kate Murray have delved into radio archives to recreate a radio show from World War II, with  a behind- the- scenes look at the production of these radio programs, including specially created sound effects. http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/national/local-national-1037279.mp3

Photograph courtesy STAR

November 6, 2014 | The King and I; Readers' Theatre of Ithaca; Angelique Kidjo comes to Ithaca


Lorraine Bennett and Andrea Gregori, from EPAC’s production of The King and I, talk about this classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Chris Nickerson is the one man in the one-man play Wrecks by Neil LaBute coming to Cinemapolis from Readers’ Theatre of Ithaca. Chris Kocher gives us some of the highlights of this weekend, and we hear a song by Angelique Kidjo, who is performing at the State Theatre in Ithaca. https://youtu.be/gVoSpBp7DEM



Cider Mill Playhouse presents "One Slight Hitch"


Ben Williamson talks with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the Cider Mill Playhouse production of Lewis Black’s One Slight Hitch.  Black is best known as a stand-up comedian who has described his style of  humor as “being on the Titanic every single day and being the only person who knows what is going to happen.” But his play, full of eccentric characters and frenetic situations, is surprisingly gentle. http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/wskg/local-wskg-1037244.mp3


Photograph Courtesy Cider Mill Playhouse

Binghamton University Theatre presents "A Chorus Line"


Director Elizabeth Mozer and actress Zarina Latypova speak with WSKG’s Bill Snyder about the Binghamton University production of A Chorus Line. Mozer explains that casting a college production of show that demands acting and singing in addition to the required dancing is a challenging task, but that the students have met the challenge. http://stream.publicbroadcasting.net/production/mp3/wskg/local-wskg-1037232.mp3


Photograph courtesy of Binghamton University