March 19, 2015 | Chris Brubeck in Oneonta; Brothers MacRae in Binghamton; Cider Mill Playhouse presents Angel Street


Chris Brubeck’s Triple Play performs as part of the Oneonta Concert Association. The Brothers MacRae perform at Galaxy Brewing in Binghamton. The Cider Mill Playhouse presents the thriller Angel Street, the source of the film Gaslight.  


“Presenteeism:” Child Care And The Workplace

Picture this, working parents: a daycare center, right in the same building as your job. For most, it’s far-fetched. But Kirsten Gillibrand, the U.S. senator from New York, wants to change that. She’s introduced a bill to increase tax breaks for businesses that build onsite child care. Having child care at work could make a big difference for parents like Stephanie Walsh.

March 12, 2015 | The Gin Game; author Deborah Blake; Romancing Spain


Ti-Ahwaga Community Players present The Gin Game. 

Oneonta author Deborah Blake talks about the new book in her Baba Yaga series. We hear an excerpt from Romancing Spain by Lamar Herrin read by David Romm at last November’s Ithaca Out Loud event. Entertainment Editor Chris Kocher gives us a look at what is coming up this weekend.


State Education Boards: Who’s Got The Power?

When New York legislators vote on seven new Board of Regents members on March 10, they’ll act out a vision that dates back to 1784. That’s when the state formed its Board of Regents, which supervises almost every facet of school instruction. New York chose an unusual method for selecting new Regents: a vote by both houses of the legislature, with no input from the governor. “We have a whole history in this country of being afraid of executive power,” says SUNY Cortland political science professor Mary McGuire. She says when New York was setting up the process, “The concern here was that this was a policy area that was of great interest to the public.” A vote by the legislature, the thinking went, would make it more democratic.

Metal Sculptor Amy Tavern

Upstate NY-based artist Amy Tavern’s artistic talent relies on her memories to make exquisite hand-crafted jewelry, turning her memories into wearable objects that carry with them what she refers to as a “universal understanding”.  WSKG’s crew visited Amy’s studio in Richfield Springs, where she explains how her work is autobiographical and enables her to communicate with other people, while revealing the singularities of the objects such as their tradition and history.
Amy’s talent has been recognized and celebrated by Metalsmith Magazine, and rock star Amy Lee has worn her pieces at the Grammy’s.


They Call Me “Cool Fool”: A George Haley Story

To conclude our series highlighting historical black residence of our region we discuss the life of Bath, NY native Lt. Col. George J. Haley. Haley volunteered in WWII as a fighter pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the U.S. armed forces. He fought in multiple wars, flying over 90 missions in WWII alone. More history from the Twin Tiers can be found here.