The Piatkowski Brothers, Show Two

The Piatkowski Brothers return to the Let’s Polka stage for another half hour of toe-tapping fun. The members of this band (Al Piatkowski-accordion, Rob Piatkowski-trumpet, Mark Trzepacz-bass guitar, and Jason Flynn-drums) have been playing together for close to thirty years and the studio audience enjoyed every minute of their performance. This set is highlighted by the debut of a new band member in saxophonist Zachary Piatkowski, who joins his father on-stage for the first time ever. Binghamton polka legend Bill Flynn hosts and conducts an interview with Al Piatkowski, where he discusses sharing the stage with his son.

“Showtime Polka”
“Yes Sir, She’s My Baby Polka”
“Everlasting Love”
“Real Good To Me”
“I’m Loving You Now”
“La-De-Da Oberek”
“Dusty Shoes Polka”

LET’S POLKA FACTS: Composer Johann Strauss might be well known for his waltzes, but he also wrote many polkas during his lifetime.

Kids' State Dinner

The winners of the 2015 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, a nationwide recipe contest for kids ages 8-12 that promotes cooking and healthy eating, includes local girl Julia Rissberger! The Healthy Lunchtime Challenge received almost 1,000 entries featuring wholesome, tasty ingredients, including salmon, chickpeas, cauliflower, and quinoa. Winners representing all U.S. states, four territories and the District of Columbia will attend a Kids’ “State Dinner” at the White House hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday, July 10. Julia won with her recipe for Spinach & Apple Salad w/ Cheese Pennies!  We asked her about this big honor and she shared, “I am very excited about the trip.


For Tioga School Budget, Second Time’s The Charm

The Tioga Central school district has a new budget after a re-vote yesterday. In May, voters turned down a budget with a big tax hike. This time, the district’s extracurricular activities were on the line, as was a big donation. Tioga Superintendent Scott Taylor says the whole district breathed a sigh of relief. The result: over a thousand people in favor of the budget and about 400 against.


After Heated Debate, NY Regents Finalize Teacher Evaluations

The details of New York’s new teacher evaluation law are now clear – mostly. After the law passed in the state budget, the Board of Regents and state Education Department had to figure out how heavily to weigh student test scores and when the changes would go into effect. The Regents disagreed with the department’s recommendations, made several changes, then voted on the rules earlier this week. SUNY New Paltz education researcher Robin Jacobowitz spoke with WSKG’s Solvejg Wastvedt and explained the Regents’ concern over the law. Solvejg Wastvedt: What were the Regents trying to accomplish with the changes they made?


Cuomo, Lawmakers Cut Deal On Campus Sexual Assault Bill

New York’s private colleges may soon have a new definition for sexual consent. Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a deal yesterday on a bill they hope will reduce sexual assault.

It would apply to all New York colleges – public and private – and would require “affirmative consent” between partners. The bill says sexual consent has to be voluntary and ongoing, and either party can take away consent at any time. The measure would protect students who report sexual assault from punishment for drug and alcohol violations. It would also require colleges and universities to submit yearly reports, detailing how many assaults occurred.

Passion for Pixels

SciGirls has a passion for pixels. When you look at a photo of a planet in space, did you know that you’re really looking at a set of numbers? Remote-sensing satellites take pictures and gather data that is transmitted to the ground as digital signals, or sets of numbers. Then computer software converts the numbers into color images. Have your students play with data transmission using this SciGirls activity as you guide them through encoding messages into digital signals they send each other.

What makes cheese….so stinky?

What lives in cheese? What makes cheese so delicious? It’s the bacteria, fungi, mites, and maggots living in it, of course! Check out Gross Science’s Anna Rothschild as she explores the stink, behind the yum, of cheese.  




Regents Meet To Finalize Teacher Evaluations

New York’s Board of Regents meets Monday and Tuesday to finalize controversial new teacher evaluation laws ahead of a June 30 deadline. When legislators mandated the evaluation system in the state budget, they left out some details. Now the state Education Department is writing those rules, and the Regents will vote on them. At stake is how to weigh each part of the new evaluation. The parts include student test scores and classroom observations.

Looking to Get Your Girls Engaged in Science?

Are you a Teacher, Scout or 4-H leader? Or a parent looking for ways to engage your tween girls in STEM activities? First, what is STEM? Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, we can even incorporate the Arts and make it STEAM, which is how the world works in real life. Most things we use or see everyday fall into the STEAM category.

OurSpace: A Place for All

A year ago, NPR’s Robert Benincasa filed the report For Kids With Special Needs, More Places To Play, which aired locally on WSKG Radio. NPR simultaneously launched a community-edited app, ‘Accessible Playgrounds,’ an online guide to identify and locate these spaces. The radio piece was very moving and the online app made me curious about playgrounds in our area. First, what IS an accessible playground? Well, kids with physical disabilities or developmental differences may not interact with playgrounds in the same way as typical children.