Victoria Young

WSKG Arts & Culture takes a look at precocious piano talent, Victoria Frances Young. This segment features clips from Victoria's live Expressions performance at the WSKG Studios plus interview clips where she talks about wanting to inspire children her age to take up music. WSKG would like to thank the Classical Pianists of the Future for bringing Victoria to Binghamton. At a young age, Victoria Frances Young has already performed in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Steinway Hall in New York City. In 2011, she was awarded a $10,000 Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award in conjunction with her performance on NPR’s From the Top.

A Few Great Bakeries

Bakeries are full of wonderful things: smells, sweet possibilities, friendly bakers who sometimes wait on you. A lot of work has usually gone into the sometimes soft, crunchy, salty, icing-covered products for sale, and the purchases you make often result in satisfaction and happiness. We celebrate all this oven-baked artistry in this hour-long documentary. Watch a preview of A Few Great Bakeries.

Keep our tourists coming & our drinking water clean

 This video was scripted, voiced, and edited by Ijeyilowoicho Onah, Grade 10 student at Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC) in Ithaca, NY. Youth Voice students explore environmental science topics of personal interest while learning production skills from WSKG’s youth media curriculum. Cayuga: Our Community's Lake
Produced by: Ijeyilowoicho Onah, Grade 10
Video & photography by: Nancy Coddington & Solvejg Wastvedt
Bill Foster is the Program Director for Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom. Foster and his staff teach young people about the ecology of the lake and how this ecosystem they depend on for drinking water works. "When they come out and learn, they're also making observations that become data," says Foster.

A Few Good Pie Places

Come along on a tour of fruity and creamy pie shops from Maine to Minnesota. Meet crusty and flaky cooks who know how to make dough, add spices to fillings and crisscross a lattice top. It’s a celebration of apple, berry and sweet potato slices! Watch a preview of A Few Good Pie Places.

Local Small Press To Publish Two New Anthologies

The local small press, Zombies Need Brains, was founded by author Joshua Palmatier. The small press is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund its next two anthologies. In this interview, Palmatier talks about the work behind running a successful campaign, and why he's dedicated to offering unknown authors a chance to submit their work to the anthology.

POV: Point and Shoot

Ride shotgun with Matt VanDyke, who films his self-transformation from a timid 26-year-old to a motorcycle-driving rebel, fighting in the Libyan revolution. Two-time Oscar® nominee Marshall Curry tells his amazing story. Watch a preview of POV: Point and Shoot.


Join Ian McKellen as Freddie and Derek Jacobi as Stuart as they embark on a new season of humorous mishaps, hideous break-ups and heart-warming make-ups. With Frances de la Tour as their old friend Violet and Iwan Rheon as their neighbor Ash. Watch a preview of the all new season of Vicious. Behind the scenes: Hear from Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen and the Vicious producers and writers to know what to expect in the new season.

The Living Legacy: Black Colleges in the 21st Century

WSQX Radio | Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 10:00am

WSKG Radio | Monday, August 24, 2015 at 8:00pm

Before the civil rights movement, African Americans were largely barred from white-dominated institutions of higher education. And so black Americans, and their white supporters, founded their own schools, which came to be known as Historically Black Colleges and Universities. HBCU graduates helped launch the civil rights movement, built the black middle class, and staffed the pulpits of black churches and the halls of almost every black primary school before the 1960s. But after desegregation, some people began to ask whether HBCUs had outlived their purpose. Yet for the students who attend them, HBCUs still play a crucial — and unique — role.

A Teen Discussion on Permaculture & Sustainable Agriculture

This audio piece was written and recorded by students in Mrs. Gimma’s production class at New Roots Charter School in Ithaca, NY. Youth Voice students explore environmental science topics of personal interest while learning production skills from WSKG’s youth media curriculum. 
Permaculture and Sustainable Agriculture:  Two growing agricultural businesses in America
Large farming requires high maintenance and very often the need for chemicals and pesticides to keep up with the high yielding needs. This is proven to be very unhealthy for consumers. More recently in Central New York and other parts of the world, farmers find that small farm operations, such as permaculture or sustainable agriculture, is worth the extra cost. It creates healthier crops and supports smaller business instead of large mono-cropping corporations.

Cornell ROTC | #tbt

During World War II, colleges and universities across the country expanded their ROTC programs and participated in other military training programs. This was especially true at Cornell University where there were both specialized army and navy training programs. In all, over 20,000 students who trained at Cornell during the war would serve in World War II. Our new local history documentary, "Class of the Century" explores how World War II and the G.I. Bill helped forever change the landscape of higher education in America.

Photo courtesy of The Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at Cornell.