Love, Lies & Laughter: A Night at the Opera

WSKG Arts and the Tri-Cities Opera proudly present “Love, Lies and Laughter: A Night at the Opera”. This hour-long program features performances from TCO’s resident artists that run the emotional gamut. WSKG Classical Music Director Bill Snyder hosts and he is joined by Tri-Cities Opera General Director Susan Ashbaker. She discusses the storied history of this long running cultural institution, how the performances for this program were chosen and the recent remodel of the Opera House on Clinton Street in Binghamton.

-Abigail Rethwisch “Martern aller Arten”
-Jake Stamatis “Aprite un po’ quegli’ occhi”
-Emily Dalessio “Ah scostati…Smanie implacabili”
-Stacey Guyer & Jake Stamatis “Papageno/Papagena Duet”
-Quinn Bernegger “Un’aura amorosa”
-Lindsay Brown “O Mio Fernando”
-Stacey Guyer “Quel guardo…So anch’io”
-Jordan Schreiner “Una furtiva lagrima”
-Christina Russo “Va!

Long Distance | Best Fiction/Story 2015

This poignant work comes from Alta Fox, a student filmmaker from Niskayuna High School in Niskayuna, NY.  Be sure to watch the piece in entirety! ‘Long Distance’ wins the ‘Best Fiction/Story’ award in the 2015 Rod Serling Film Festival.

The original stage version of "The Rocky Horror" show comes to the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage


The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened forty years ago, based on a British musical.  SRO Productions is presenting the original version at the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage. Mickey Woyshner (Dr. Frankenfurter) and Heather Merlis (Columbia) tell us about the ground-breaking aspects of the show and how director Scott Fisher has adapted it to this intimate space.

Mary H. Owen | #tbt

Today’s throwback Thursday photo shows the Mary H. Owen navigating a lock on the Chenango Canal in Broome County. The canal was nearly 100 miles long and connected the Susquehanna River at Binghamton to the Erie Canal at Utica. When it opened in 1837, the canal drastically reduced shipping times and freight costs. As a part of the Erie Canal system, the Chenango Canal also connected the region’s farmers and manufacturers to the economic markets of New York City and the Great Lakes. However, by the late 1800s the railroad had all but replaced the once great canals of New York and the Chenango Canal ceased operation in 1878.

Operalogue: "The Barber of Seville"


Binghamton University Professor Paul Schleuse explains the plot of the opera assisted by members of the cast. Host: General Director Susan Ashbaker

Conductor: Vlad Iftinca

Stage Director: JJ Hudson

Figaro: Scott Purcell

Rosina: Mary Beth Nelson

Almaviva: Jonathan Blalock

Don Bartolo: Jake Stamatis

Don Basilio: Andrew Hiers

Berta: Abigail Smith

Fiorello: Josiah Davis

Sergeant of Police: Jordan Schreiner

Men of the Tri-Cities Opera Chorus

Chorus Master and Accompanist: Eric Frei


Photo courtesy RLHyde via Flickr

Chef's Life Season 3

Tune in for the third season of this Emmy-winning series featuring chef Vivian Howard. She and her husband Ben Knight juggle the pressures of running two restaurants and raising their young twins, while Vivian writes a new cookbook. Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 7: A Casserole says plenty

Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 6: If you can’t beet em… Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 5: Prickly Business

Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 4: Pickle Perfect

Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 3: Gettin’ Figgy with It

Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 2: Pretty in Peach

Preveiw A Chef’s Life Season 3 Episode 1: Stop, Squash and Roll

A Chef’s Life airs Sundays at 2 pm on WSKG TV. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rex Miller

Not In Our Town

Encourage students to think about how bullying can limit freedom of speech and expression with this lesson from PBS LearningMedia.  Students watch documentary videos, read informational text and complete writing assignments. Sign up for your free PBS LearningMedia account and use this fantastic resource! GET RESOURCE
This is part of the Inspiring Middle School Literacy collection.  

Delhi, NY | Town Spotlight | Harvest

Nestled among the steep rocky hills of the Catskill Mountain range, Delhi, New York sits at the base of a deep valley along the West Branch of the Delaware River. Situated near the center of Delaware County, the Town of Delhi was formed in 1798 out of land ceded from the towns of Middletown, Kortright, and Walton. Prior to the American Revolution, the Mohawk Indians were the main inhabitants of the region. The Mohawk, who called themselves the Kanienkehaka, were one of the original member tribes of the Iroquois Confederation, or Haudenosaunee. The first European settlers arrived in the area around the 1740s, and after the Revolution a new wave of Scotch-Irish and German immigrants pushed into the region.

Tri-Cities Opera 2015-2016 Season Preview

WSKG Classical Music Director Bill Snyder is joined by Tri-Cities Opera General Manager Susan Ashbaker to discuss their new season. Susan talks about the renovations of the Opera House on Clinton Street in Binghamton and the schedule of performances for the upcoming season. There is also a small performance clip from “Love, Lies and Laughter: A Night at the Opera”, which premieres Thursday, October 22 at 8:00 on WSKG. Please visit for more information about their exciting 2015-2016 season.