The Green Blues

Everyone knows that building a house takes twice as much work and a lot more money than planned. Not to mention the time pressure and stress on a marriage! THE GREEN BLUES follows Oregon couple Milt and Chris Ritter as they set out to build a passive solar “dream” home. Of course, dreaming was the easy part… Things go awry before the first nail is driven when the couple learn their concrete budget is woefully inadequate.

Southern Tier Actors Read start Halloween a little early


The Passion of Dracula ran Off-Broadway for two years. It’s a slightly up-dated version of Bram Stoker’s classic tale, with women taking up the battle against the famous vampire.  Southern Tier Actors Read performs it for one night only in the Cider Mill Playhouse in Endicott.  Director Joe Bardales and actor Bree Harvey talk about the play and Southern Tier Actors Read.


Odd Squad: Against the Odds

PBS KIDS turns October into “Odd-tober” with a new one-hour special Odd Squad: Against the Odds Monday, October 5 featuring five all-new, back-to-back stories including “Piratitis” and “Undercover Olive.” These stories repeat on Wednesday the 7th, Friday the 9th, and Sunday the 11th – all odd-numbered dates, we might point out!


Budget Fight Squeezes PA Schools


Pennsylvania’s budget impasse is in its third month, and school funding is one of the major sticking points. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf wants to raise taxes and give districts a big boost in aid. Republicans oppose that plan. Montrose Area Schools superintendent Carol Boyce has a close eye on the debate. She says if state aid is low, schools will have to cut essential programs.

“I’m not aware of any district in our area that has what some people might call fluff, or extra types of things,” she says.

Ross Park Roller Coaster | #tbt

In 1875, a local businessman named Erastus Ross gifted 90 acres of land to the City of Binghamton to create a park that could be enjoyed by the entire community. Amusements like the wooden roller coaster seen in today’s throwback Thursday photo made Ross Park a popular recreation destination and it continues to serve that function to this day. The park includes the fifth oldest zoo in the country and is home to the oldest of Broome County’s six carousels, a gift given to the local community by George F. Johnson in 1919. Photograph courtesy of the Broome County Historical Society.

American Graduate Champions | Dropout Prevention Educators

Everyday, classroom teachers have the opportunity to support and motive students to do their best and stay in school. Some local teachers are simply stellar at this. We call them caring, consistent adults and they are our local American Graduate Champions!

Who’s the champion in your life? Follow the American Graduate movement!