Gamut program guide for December 2015

Dear friends,

Happy holidays and thank you for your support in 2015. It was a great year thanks to you, our members. Over the last year, we have been analyzing the different ways we communicate with our membership and audience. As part of that review, we looked at the effectiveness of Gamut. We’ve heard from you that the print is too small to read and there’s not enough information in the program listings.

Songs of Medieval life and love at the Osterhout Concert Theater


Conductor Timothy Perry leads the Binghamton University Orchestra and Chorus in Carl Orff’s “Scenic Cantata” Carmina Burana this weekend. Choral conductor Bruce Borton and baritone soloist Thomas Goodheart talk about the history of the work and why it is so popular.  Other soloists are soprano Stacey Geyer and tenor Steven Nanni.  


Little 101 | Poop

Sometimes the littlest minds pose the biggest questions—questions with complicated answers that often leave adults scratching their heads. Subscribe to this new digital series to impress your kids, inspire their continued curiosity and get the answers to life’s big questions before your little ones ask.  Check out this episode which explains why poop is brown!

Has your child stumped you? Share your kids’ big questions by emailing

Race to Nowhere

Featuring the heartbreaking stories of students across the country who have been pushed to the brink by over-scheduling, over-testing and the relentless pressure to achieve, Race to Nowhere points to a silent epidemic in our schools. Through the testimony of educators, parents and education experts, it reveals an education system in which cheating has become commonplace; students have become disengaged; stress-related illness, depression and burnout are rampant; and young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired. Shown nationwide and internationally in more than 7,000 schools, universities, cinemas, hospitals, corporations and community centers, “Race to Nowhere” has become the centerpiece of a nationwide, grassroots movement for the transformation of education. Watch on WSKG TV November 28th at 5:30am.



Interview: Ithaca College President Answers Criticism


Ithaca College students release the results of a confidence vote in their college president Monday, and the college faculty hold their own vote next month. President Tom Rochon has faced criticism and protests for his handling of racial incidents and what some call top-down leadership. He spoke to WSKG’s Solvejg Wastvedt about how the college has responded and what he’s learned. Here are the highlights:

Recently you appointed a Chief Diversity Officer, a position that reports directly to you. How do you make sure other people on campus have input into diversity initiatives?

More often than it should, the job interfered with my school work

Path To Graduation: Putting Out Fires
Written & Produced By:
Nicole Keili, Graduate, Class of October 2015; and
Lennon Kruckow, Graduate, Class of June 2015 (and current Corning Community College student!)

In Partnership With:
High School Learning Center at Corning Community College; and
Corning-Painted Post Area School District

“One morning in high school, I got called to fight a fire at 4:00AM. The call lasted into the late morning, causing me to be late to school by a few hours,” explains Lennon. “I was spending a lot of time working at the fire department while I was in high school. More often than it should, the job interfered with my school work,” says Lennon. “Between calls early in the morning or late at night, it would effect my sleep sometimes.

Inside Einstein's Mind

NOVA’s ‘Inside Einstein’s Mind airs on WSKG TV November 25 at 9p.m.

Einstein’s theory of General Relativity transformed our understanding of nature’s laws and the entire history of the cosmos, reaching back to the origin of time itself. On November 25th, 1915, Einstein published his greatest work: general relativity. The theory transformed our understanding of nature’s laws and the entire history of the cosmos, reaching back to the origin of time itself. Now, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s achievement, NOVA tells the inside story of Einstein’s masterpiece. The story begins with the intuitive thought experiments that set Einstein off on his quest and traces the revolution in cosmology that is still playing out in today’s labs and observatories.

Make your Thanksgiving Meal a SUCCESS!

Make your Thanksgiving meal a SUCCESS with helpful tips from PBS Food. We also have tons of recipes on the WSKG Cooking Obsession Pinterest board! Here’s some turkey tips from your favorite PBS chefs.  We hope you have a successful Thanksgiving meal! In Turkey 101, Martha Stewart prepares her tried-and-true method for a traditional show-stopping bird, and also a modern technique for roasting turkey in parchment paper.

How confidence affects your abilities in school

Path To Graduation: Complexity of Confidence
Written and Produced By:
Mika Evans, Grade 12; and
Cody Scott, Grade 12

In Partnership With:
High School Learning Center at Corning Community College; and
Corning- Painted Post Area School District


It’s hard to think about how much someone’s confidence can affect their abilities in school. But your confidence affects everything: Answering questions in class, asking for help on an assignment, and even forming friendships. “In the traditional high school, I was bullied, rumors were spread and, because of that, I had no self confidence,” shares Mika. “I didn’t care about going to school or getting my school work done. But after attending an alternative school, my confidence blossomed.