National Mentoring Month

In the report from America’s Promise Alliance “Don’t Quit On Me,” a key finding of the report shows: “A relationship with one stable, trusted person or anchor allows young people to access available community assets and leverage internal strengths.” Become a mentor that a young person can trust.  Learn more about National Mentoring Month here!

WSKG wants to hear from students – who or what is a driving force in your life?  Tell us about someone who has mentored you in our Who’s Your Champion?

Secret Tunnel Warefare

NOVA Secret Tunnel Warefare airs January 6, 2016 on WSKG-TV. 100 years ago in the winter of 1916, Allied forces devised a plan to break the World War I trench warfare stalemate: one million pounds of explosives hidden in secret tunnels under the German lines. On June 7, the explosives were simultaneously triggered at the Battle of Messines in Belgium – probably the single biggest non-nuclear explosion of all time, heard clearly 150 miles away in London. 10,000 Germans were killed instantly. Now, archaeologists are revealing the extraordinary scale and risks of the Allied tunneling operations in the biggest excavation ever undertaken on the Western Front. NOVA follows bomb disposal experts as they clear topsoil packed with shrapnel and unexploded shells and probe one tunnel system connected to what is probably the world’s largest unexploded bomb – a mine consisting of 22 tons of explosives that was discovered and flooded by German engineers before the attack.

The Piatkowski Brothers, Show Three

Let’s Polka welcomes back The Piatkowski Brothers for another half hour of polka fun! This dynamic band from the Syracuse area have been playing polkas for close to thirty years and the live studio audience was captivated by their showmanship. Performances include “Rosie From Jersey”, “We Left Our Wives At Home” and “Take My Hand Forever”. Bill Flynn hosts and interviews bassist Mark Trzpacz, who talks about his time with the great polka band, The Dynatones. Push aside your living room furniture and dance along to another great episode of Let’s Polka!


Area Shelters: Homelessness Executive Order Is Nothing New

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is ordering local governments to move people who are homeless to shelter during cold weather. The executive order reinforces existing law that requires authorities to take people in for psychiatric evaluation, or hospitalization. Despite the announcement, local experts say it won’t have much effect in the Southern Tier. Binghamton YWCA director Carole Coppens says the region already provides room for everyone who seeks it in the winter. This “no freeze” policy from the Coalition for the Homeless of the Southern Tier runs on private donations.

PBS's 'In Defense of Food' features Cornell Professor and Lansing High School

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” With that, food journalist Michael Pollan answers one of the most frequently asked questions of our time – what should we eat to be healthy? In the new PBS show In Defense of Food (check out our preview), Pollan takes us on a journey through the American food system, showing what and how we make up our diet.

Calling all youth filmmakers! Rod Serling Film Festival opens for 2016

The 2016 Rod Serling Film Festival is now open. WSKG is accepting submissions from K-12 students through May 27, 2016. Entrants must use the online submission form . The Festival is held in honor of Rod Serling and his work, which has had a lasting influence on the television industry and media creation. The Festival seeks to inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece FINAL Season

Rejoin the Crawley family for a sixth and final season of intimately interlaced stories centered on the English country estate — an entertaining formula that has made “Downton Abbey” the highest-rated drama in PBS history. Enjoy this Downton Abbey, Final Season: Preview.  Come home to Downton Abbey and experience the love and friendship one last time. Downton Abbey premieres Sunday, January 3, 2016 on MASTERPIECE on PBS. Tweet your Downton love to #DowntonPBS!

2015 Rod Serling Film Festival Winners

The 2015 top honor winners of the Rod Serling Film Festival. SPECIAL HONORS
Best in Show | Work On Words | Jane Lee, Daria Azizian, Lollie Nguyen
Spirit of Serling Award | Reflection | Jacob Weinheimer

Best Abstract/Experimental | Alone | Daniel Anderson & Christopher Anderson
Best Documentary | Grand Bazaar | Metin Ozisik
Best Fiction/Story | Long Distance | Alta Fox
Best SciFi/Fantasy | Dull Moon Eyes | Liam Walsh
Best Social Commentary | Otherside | Will Schwartz, Tyler Lindsley, Charlene Heisler, Edward Prostak, Shelby Burnside

Best K-5 | The Orb | Drake Brown
Best 6-8 | The Wanderer | Jacob French

Best Comedy | Stealing With Friends | Xzavier Villie
Best Scenic Design | Alice | Erica Hutchison

Many thanks to all of the students that submitted work to the 2015 Rod Serling Film Festival and the Festival Judging Committee.  Thank you for Festival sponsors Chroma Cafe & Bakery and The Forum Theatre.  Additional support provided by Wal-Mart and Target stores of Vestal, NY. Learn more about the 2016 Rod Serling Film Festival!