Teen Thanks a Whole Team of Champions

Champions go by many titles: teacher, coach, neighbor, friend, boss, classmate, or parent… Just to name a few! As part of WSKG’s program on graduation, we asked students to tell us about the person, place, or program that helps them find successful in school.  
Autumn Roach doesn’t have a champion. She has a whole team of supporters helping her toward graduation! Autumn Roach is working toward her high school diploma from EverTech Academy at Broome Tioga BOCES in Binghamton, NY.

Microplastic pollution in the Chesapeake Bay poses risks, report finds

Plastic debris like this breaks down in the environment into smaller and smaller bits. (Dave Harp)

By Leslie Middleton
Leslie Middleton writes about water quality, public access, and the special places of the Chesapeake Bay region from her home in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to the Chesapeake Bay Journal, tiny bits of “microplastics” that wash into the Bay may endanger aquatic life in the estuary and its tributaries, but more research is needed to better understand the threat, according to a report from scientists and policy makers released Monday. Although federal legislation was approved in December that addresses a portion of the issue, the report from the Chesapeake Bay Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee said the law did not eliminate the need to find new ways to reduce microplastic pollution and recommended additional legislation to address the issue, which is of growing concern for waterways around the globe. Microplastics – pieces of synthetic polymers smaller than 5 millimeters – are found in water bodies everywhere, with more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating at or near the ocean surface, according to a recent estimate.


New Bereavement Center Offers Recovery Support After Overdose Deaths

People seeking bereavement counseling in the Southern Tier now have another option. Lourdes Hospice was already offering bereavement counseling, but had no space dedicated to it. Most of the employees were out in the field, and places to meet clients became harder to find. In the new Vestal facility, Lourdes has space for group counseling, family sessions, and has a playroom for children who are grieving. The room allows a lot of natural light to shine down on a small white table where kids can draw.

Spring Writes Celebrates The Written Word – And The Writers Who Write Them


The Spring Writes Literary Festival takes place April 28-May 1 at locations throughout Ithaca. More than 90 writers will present panels, workshops, readings, and more. The event is free and open to the public. Highlights from the weekend include:


Reading and Workshop on Speculative Fiction, Poetry Open Mic, Literary Jeopardy


Beyond the Bechtel Test, Workshop: Comedy Writing, Reading: Jewish Noir


Discussion on Genre Publishing, Discussion on Developing Characters, Reading by Razi Rumi


Click here for the full schedule and festival details. 

Director Amy Berg Presents a Portrait of Janis Joplin in 'American Masters'

Janis Joplin thrilled audiences and blazed new creative trails before her death at age 27 in 1970. Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg examines Joplin’s story in depth, presenting an intimate portrait of a complicated and driven artist. The broadcast features a never-before-seen extended film cut with archival performance footage and new interviews with Joplin’s sister Laura Joplin and musicians. Go Behind the Scenes: Chan Marshall Talks About Voicing Janis Joplin’s Letters

Chan “Cat Power” Marshall, who serves as the film’s narrator and provides the voice for Joplin-penned letters, discusses how she tapped into Joplin’s mindset for the documentary. Janis Joplin: American Masters airs Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 8 pm on WSKG TV.

Binghamton University's Past 2 Future Project Aims to Perserve Local History

On the second floor of Binghamton University’s Rockefeller Center building, you’ll find a room pilled high with boxes of photographs and film canisters alongside an array of digital equipment. This room is the headquarters of Binghamton University’s Past 2 Future Project. Hands-On Research
The Past 2 Future Project was started by the university as a way to preserve the area’s rich local history and to give its undergraduate students an opportunity for hands-on research. “Several years ago, the university interviewed undergraduates and asked them what would they like more of, or what was missing from their education,” states Dr. Kevin Wright, the director of the Past 2 Future Project. “One of the things that really came to the top of the list was more involvement in research.”

The Past 2 Future Project, or P2F, collects donations of historical materials, including photographs, diaries, and newspapers, from local individuals and organizations.

Freer's Glen, Circa 1863 | #tbt

Today’s throwback Thursday photograph is a stereographic image of Freer’s Glen, now Watkins Glen State Park, circa 1863. Stereograph photography was very popular during the 19th century. When viewed using a stereoscope, the two almost identical images mounted side-by-side created the illusion of depth, or 3D. Freer’s Glen opened to the public in 1863 as a privately run resort. The area was a popular tourist destination from the very beginning.

A Conductor has One Foot in Opera, the Other in Broadway


Conductor Braden Toan is leading Tri-Cities Opera’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s musical thriller ‘Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street’. With experience conducting long-running Broadway hits and also uptown at City Opera, he is equally at home with opera and musical theatre.  He talks about his techniques of working with opera singers and the challenges of those works that straddle the opera/Broadway line.  He also talks about his journey from the bassoon section to the podium. http://wskg.org/audio/Bradentoan.mp3


Photo credit: -jre- via Flickr

An Art Class Turns into an Arts Festival


It began seventeen years ago as a pottery class that moved outside on a sunny day. Now the Athens ArtsFest is a large juried arts and craft festival.  Art teacher, potter, and festival organizer Dave Webster tells about the those beginnings and how the festival has grown. http://wskg.org/audio/athensarts.mp3


Photo credit: Athens ArtsFest