Watch Two New Episodes of Late Fringe!

WSKG Arts weekly tour through the minds of New York State’s best and brightest filmmakers continues with these two episodes of Late Fringe. The first episode looks at the political films of Akram Shibly. Akram was able to spend time in a Syrian refugee camp and the images and words he was able to capture are truly remarkable. These are showcased in “Waiting at the Door” and the interviews that Akram holds with the children of the camp are eye opening. We also showcase “Heal the World”, which again looks at war through the eyes of innocent children.

Genius by Stephen Hawking explores 'Why are We Here' and 'Where Did the Universe Come From'?

Paul, Marcia and Alejandro wearing their ice hockey kit after Demo 4. The volunteers have just taken part in a demonstration looking at the expanding universe. They have worked with an ice hockey team, leaf blowers and balloons to figure this challenge out. Genius by Stephen Hawking ‘Why are We Here’ and ‘Where Did the Universe Come From’ airs on WSKG TV May 25, 2016 beginning at 9pm.

Episode 3: “Why Are We Here?”
Premieres Wednesday, May 25, 2016, 9:00 pm
Join Stephen Hawking as he sets three ordinary people a truly mind-bending challenge: Can they work out why they exist at all?

Jacob Yaple, Isaac Dumond, and Peter Hinepaw

In 1789, Jacob Yaple, Isaac Dumond, and Peter Hinepaw and their families left on a perilous two-month journey from Kingston New York to the shores of Cayuga Lake. When they reached Cayuga Lake, the three families went about building log cabins and planting corn. Their small community was completely surrounded and isolated by the wilderness; however in time the settlement thrived and grew to become what is now the city of Ithaca.

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Last Call for Entries to the 'Rod Serling Film Fest'

The 2016 Rod Serling Film Festival is now open. WSKG is accepting submissions from K-12 students through May 27, 2016. Entrants must use the online submission form . The Festival is held in honor of Rod Serling and his work, which has had a lasting influence on the television industry and media creation. The Festival seeks to inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

Secrets of the Dead Teotihuacan's Lost Kings

Secrets of the Dead Teotihuacan’s Lost Kings airs on WSKG TV  May 24, 2016 at 9pm. Follow a team of scientists exploring royal tombs beneath the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan. After decades of research, these imperial burial chambers may reveal clues about the long-lost Teotihuacan culture and its mysterious people.

Two thousand years ago, Teotihuacán was one of the largest cities in the world, a thriving metropolis not far from what is today Mexico City. But just a few hundred years later, it was completely abandoned, its former citizens long gone, leaving little trace of their culture.

'Mr. Selfridge' The Final Episode on Masterpiece

As creditors close in, can Harry seal the deal that will save his mercantile empire? Emmy®-winner Jeremy Piven (Entourage) stars in the thrilling final season of Mr. Selfridge, dramatizing the climatic battle for the future of London’s iconic department store, Selfridge & Co. Mr. Selfridge, The Final Season, costars Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street), Tom Goodman-Hill (The Imitation Game), and Ron Cook (Little Dorrit), along with dozens of other actors playing the loyal staff and stylish visitors to this glittering retail palace.  

The final Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece episode airs Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 10:30 pm on WSKG TV.  


Photo: © ITV Studios Limited 2016 for MASTERPIECE

Music From Elizabethan England is Performed in Two Concerts


The Cantata Singers of Elmira perform selections from the 1601 book of madrigals, ‘The Triumphs of Oriana’, a collection of music by various contemporary composers written in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. Conductor Will Wickham talks about the music and the history behind the collection. The Cantata Singers present the concert in two performances this weekend.


Photo credit: Cantata Singers

Will Wasps help to slow down the Emerald Ash Borer?

SUNY ESF graduate student Mike Jones is studying parasitic wasp as predators of the emerald ash borer. Photo credit: Ellen Abbott, WRVO


By Ellen Abbott. (WRVO) Scientists are going to war against an invasive insect that’s decimating the ash tree population in central New York, by using one of its natural predators. While these tiny wasps may not stop the current infestation in its tracks, they may help deal with these kinds of things in the future. SUNY ESF graduate student Mike Jones spends a lot of time scraping the bark off of dead ash trees.

Rockbottom Bridge Collapse, 1903 | #tbt

Today’s throwback Thursday photograph shows the aftermath of the 1903 Rockbottom Bridge collapse in Binghamton, New York. On May 20, 1903, as a trolly loaded with eight people made its way across the bridge, the wood and iron structure gave-way and plunged into the Susquehanna River. Luckily, while seven of the passengers sustained injuries, everyone on board survived the ordeal. The photograph was taken by Joseph K. Noyes, an amateur photographer from Binghamton. In the photo, a man dangles from the collapsed structure as he works on the bridge, and a group of spectators look on from the riverbank.

Paloma Explores Faith, Love and Poetry at the Kitchen Theatre


Paloma and Ibrahim meet at NYU in a graduate literature course. He is devoutly Muslim, she is nominally Catholic, and their immediate attraction comes as a surprise to them both–and presents serious problems for dealing with their families. When they make an impulsive decision to visit the ancient cities in Spain where the world’s great religions once coexisted in peace, it has life-changing consequences for everyone. Crystal Sarakas talks with Rachel Lampert about the performance. The performance of Paloma at the Kitchen Theatre is the East Coast premiere of the play.  Performances are May 1-22.


Photo: Greg Cannon