How Art Can Help Us Recall Emotional Memories

Memories come back to us through emotional experiences. That’s how Christina Muscatello, founder of the Memory Maker Project, thinks of it. She explained it like this: you hear a song and it makes you feel something. Then, you think back to your middle school dance, and the first time you slow danced. “You would have never had a moment to access that memory without having that emotional tie,” Muscatello said.


In 1794, Simeon DeWitt received 1,400 acres located along the southern banks of Cayuga Lake from his father-in-law. DeWitt divided the land into lots and in 1807 he named the new community Ithaca. Ithaca incorporated as a village and became the county seat in 1817.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical Hamilton coming to Great Performances

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In 1787, the first settlers arrived to form a new Tompkins County community named for English poet John Dryden. Dryden, New York was established on land set aside as the Central New York Military Tract, and the land was to be used in place of pay for Revolutionary War veterans.

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Hot Wheels

In 1968, Elliot Handler, the co-founder of Mattel, devised a plan to compete with the popular Matchbox model car line from the British company Lesney Products.

As apposed to Matchbox’s more realistic themed cars, Mattel’s cars were designed to look like the popular hot-rods of the era. They featured vibrant “spectra-flame” paint and were able to achieve extremely high speeds thanks to low friction plastic. It was the birth of Hot Wheels, and by the end of the decade Hot Wheels was the hottest toy car brand in the US. The early Hot Wheel’s cars were affectionately referred to as “Redlines” because of the distinctive red pinstripe found of their wheels, and today they are highly sought after by collectors.


In the early 1800s, Isaac Shepard and Deacon Ephraim Strong settled on land within Town of Barton in Tioga County. Situated on the east bank of the Chemung River, the community struggled to grow. The first house was completed in 1810, and the Chemung Turnpike – now Chemung Street – was laid out. In 1853, the village was incorporated as Waverly.

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Number Forms

Part of using base-ten numbers correctly is understanding how to express the same number in different forms.

Let’s use: 273. This is the base-ten numeral written in standard form. Next, let’s express 273 in unit form. To help, your child may label with a place value chart. Hundreds column, tens column, ones column.


Entering Norwich from the south on Route 12, a roadside historical marker indicates the spot where Avery Power first settled along the Chenango River in 1788. More settlers from Massachusetts and Connecticut quickly followed. They traveled from Albany along the Unadilla River, following marked trees to the Power farm. The area was original known as “Indian Fields”, but five years after Power’s arrival, the town of Norwich was formed – taking its name from Norwich, Connecticut.

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