Binghamton School District Seeks New Leader After Trying Year

Binghamton City School District’s superintendent was dismissed last March. There have been a couple of interim superintendents since then, but now the district is searching for a more permanent leader. David Hawley is the president of the Binghamton School Board. He spoke with WSKG’s Sarah Gager about the search, which he says will conclude with a selection in the Spring. Interview highlights:

What is the new superintendent stepping into?

The Little Delaware Youth Ensemble Presents their Winter Concerts


The Little Delaware Youth Ensemble presents their Winter Concerts in two locations, on January 29 at 3pm in the Anderson Theatre on the Hartwick Colleg campus, then February 5 at 3pm in the United Ministry Church in Delhi.  Music Director Uli Speth talks about the music on the program, the support the parents give these young musicians, and keeping in touch with graduates of the ensemble. http://wskg.org/audio/ldye0129.mp3


Photo credit: Little Delaware Youth Ensemble

Get a Sneak Peek at the Second Season of 'Mercy Street'

Join us at WSKG Studios in Vestal as we preview the first episode from season two of Mercy Street on January 19 at 6PM. The screening is free and open to the public, but space is limited and an RSVP is required. Write to rsvp@wskg.org . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tP5QjOfqGg

Inspired by real people and events, Mercy Street goes beyond the front lines of the Civil War and into the chaotic world of the Mansion House Hospital in Union-occupied Alexandria, Virginia. Mercy Street takes viewers beyond the battlefield and into the lives of Americans on the Civil War home front as they face the unprecedented challenges of one of the most turbulent times in our nation’s history. Season 2 of Mercy Street premieres January 22, 2017 at 8PM on WSKG TV.

'East Meets West' at the Cyber Cafe West


World Music performer Don Baragiano is performing on Wednesday, January 25 at Cyber Cafe West, 176 Main Street in Binghamton.  A graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, he first became fascinated with non-Western music while working for the US Treasury Department in Saudi Arabia.  He tells us about performing World Music with a band and by himself, and we hear a little of his album ‘Releasing the HOW’. http://wskg.org/audio/baragiano.mp3


Photo credit: Don Baragiano

Alicia Keys – Landmarks Live In Concert: A Great Performances Special

Great Performances brings us a New pop music series, Landmarks Live in Concert. The debut episode features Grammy winner Alicia Keys who performs in notable locations all around New York including the world famous Circle Line, the Unisphere, and Harlem’s Apollo. Hosted by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Alicia Keys – Landmarks Live In Concert: A Great Performances Special airs Friday, January 20, 2017 at 9:00 pm on WSKG.  

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Great Performances

Nancy Wildoner Plays 'Pop Pipes — Chart-toppers'


The Binghamton Theatre Organ Society presents organist Nancy Wildoner in the latest episode of her ‘Pop Pipes’ series: ‘Chart-toppers’.  With the help of Magic 101.7 FM dj Tejay Schwartz, Nancy presents a retrospective of Top Ten hits from the 1950’s to today.  Nancy talks about the two sides of her career as both a classical organist and a theatre organist, and the fun of preparing a program of inter-generational hits. http://wskg.org/audio/wildoner.mp3


Photo credit: William Wandling via Binghamton Theatre Organ Society

What I'm Watching – January 16, 2017 to January 29, 2017

As the TV Program Manager for WSKG, I watch a lot of videos.  Here on wskg.org, I’ll share a glimpse at some of my favorite programs that WSKG will broadcast and video clips I think you should check out online. I hope you enjoy! And let me know what you think – tell us in the comments. — Stacey

Weeks of January 16, 2017 to January 29, 2017
Airing now…

Bob the Builder: Phillip's Important Job

It’s an all-new season of Bob the Builder every Saturday morning at 7:00am on WSKG Create. And don’t forget to share photos or feedback of your students/kids withWSKG using hashtag #WSKGBuddingBuilders! Check out the episode description below for what’s in store this weekend! Phillip annoys Betsy by insinuating that his work driving Mayor Madison is more important than hers. But when he breaks down en route to Anish Bose’s book launch at Fixham Castle, Phillip must accept Betsy’s help.

Victoria: Coming in January 2017 on Masterpiece

Get your first look at Victoria, starring Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell, coming in 2017 to MASTERPIECE on PBS. The eight-part drama follows Victoria from the time she becomes Queen in 1837 at the age of 18, through her courtship and marriage to Prince Albert. Famous for her candor and spirit, she was the first woman who seemed to have it all: a passionate marriage, nine children, and the job of being Queen of the world’s most important nation. Victoria’s often tumultuous reign lasted for 63 years; she was England’s longest-serving monarch until she was overtaken by Elizabeth II in September, 2015. Episode #1: Doll 123 airs Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 9:00 pm.

PBS KIDS 24/7 comes to WSKG-2

PBS Kids Programming on WSKG
We are pleased to announce a new service to our community. On Wednesday, February 1, 2017, WSKG launched new, free 24/7 multiplatform children’s services. In collaboration with PBS, the free services include a new TV channel, a live stream on digital platforms and an interactive gaming feature, which will debut later in 2017. Together, these new services will support our mission to reach all children with high-quality educational content. This free 24/7 channel and live stream ensures that PBS KIDS educational media is available to all families, all the time and via a platform that works for them.