Chords of Memory | Coming Soon

Chords of Memory is a web series from WSKG that combines historic photographs with local musical talent. In each episode, a local artist provides the musical backdrop to a showcase of hand-selected images from various photographic archives. Each piece is intimate and performed acoustically, and many of the photographs shown are preserved at historical societies across our region. Look for more videos coming soon!

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Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer Perform at Cornell

The Cornell Concert Series presents bassists Christian McBride and Edgar Meyer in concert on Friday, February 3 at 8pm in Bailey Hall on the Cornell campus.  We hear from Christian McBride about his family connections to the double bass and the unusual circumstances that led to this unique pairing.


Photo credit: Cornell Concert Series



Search for the Super Battery

Search for the Super Battery airs on WSKG-TV on February 1, 2017 at 9pm

We live in an age when technological innovation is soaring. But for all the satisfying speed with which our gadgets improve, many of them share a frustrating weakness: the batteries remain finicky, bulky, expensive, toxic and maddeningly short-lived. But the quest is on for a “super battery,” and the stakes in this hunt are much higher than the phone in your pocket. With climate change looming, electric cars and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power could hold keys to a greener future if we can engineer the perfect battery. David Pogue explores the hidden world of energy storage, from the power (and danger) of the lithium-ion batteries we use today, to the bold innovations that could one day charge our world. What does the future of batteries mean for our gadgets, our lives and our planet? Might the lowly battery be the breakthrough technology that changes everything?

Peg Meets Cat/The Valentine's Day Problem

It's the season to celebrate love and Peg + Cat gets into the spirit with these new episodes! In 'Peg Meets Cat', Baby Peg is desperate to tell Mom she wants that stray kitty for her pet and problem-solving partner, but she can only point and say "TWO!" Primary Content: Counting to 30 by 5s Secondary Content: More and less. In 'The Valentine's Day Problem' Peg and Cat scramble to make enough valentines for all their party guests and a pair of surprise visitors. Primary Content: Counting by 2s Secondary Content: 2D and 3D shapes, symmetry.