Ezra, Beloved Red-Tail At Cornell, Is Dead

Photo by Karel & BOGette. According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Red-tail Hawk we have to come love named Ezra has died. As some of you may know, Ezra has not been seen on the Cornell Hawks cam or on the Cornell campus for the past several days, and worries have been mounting. We are extremely sad to have to share the news with you that we learned this evening that Ezra has died. On Saturday, March 18, the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center received an injured Red-tailed Hawk who we now know was Ezra, and who had been found near the A. D. White House on campus.

Fractions on a Number Line

In third grade, your child will represent fractions in pictures, number bonds, and on a number line. These drawings, or models, allow your child to develop a visual understanding of what fractions really are. Remember, the fraction one-third means that three equal parts make up one whole. How do you represent fractions on a number line? In third grade, your child will begin by placing fractions between zero and one.

Robert H. Lieberman's Comedy 'Green Lights' is Screened at Cinemapolis


Cinemapolis is offering a screening of Robert H. Lieberman’s 2002 comedy ‘Green Lights’ on Saturday, March 25. Filmed in Ithaca, the cast is a mix of New York and Ithaca actors. In a classic ‘fish out of water’ plot, a film location scout is mistaken for a big-time producer, and starts to enjoy the perks that adulation provides.  Film maker Robert H. Lieberman talks about filming this love letter to Ithaca, and the many hats he wears. http://wskg.org/audio/greenlights.mp3


Photo credit: Robert H. Lieberman

Call the Midwife Returns With Season 6

It’s now 1962 and times are changing, from the beacon of the contraceptive pill and the shadow of infamous gangsters the Krays, to the new welfare policies introduced by the government. Back in Poplar, when the rather austere Sister Ursula is appointed the new head of Nonnatus House, Sister Julienne finds herself demoted and working back alongside the midwives as an ordinary member of staff. And as they strive to help mothers and families cope with the demands of childbearing, disability, disease and social prejudice, our beloved medics must make choices – and fight battles – of their own. Season 6 premieres April 2, 2017 at 8:00 pm.  

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Neal Street Productions 2016


Tompkins County Administrator Questions Cuomo’s Consolidation Proposal

While lawmakers debate New York’s budget in Albany, the head of Tompkins County is worried about one of the proposals. The proposal would require local governments to come up with a way to consolidate services by November. Tompkins County Administrator Joe Mareane thinks that’s too much, too fast. Earlier this year, Governor Cuomo proposed requiring counties to develop a plan with municipalities to share services. Cuomo said this would relieve property taxes.

Harmony Bridge Brings Music to Seniors


Harmony Bridge is a new program that takes music to seniors who are unable to attend concerts.  We hear from Michael Levine who came up with the program and Yvonne Allen from the Horseheads schools music department, where the program is turning into a huge success. Senior facilities interested in presenting music to their clients can email yallen@horseheadsdistrict.com. http://wskg.org/audio/harmonybridge.mp3


Photo credit: Horseheads School District

Two Weeks Left for Students to Enter Radio Drama Contest

Wikipedia reminds us that radio drama first appeared in the 1920s and quickly rose in popularity. In the 1940s, it was a leading form of popular entertainment for children and adults; and one they often enjoyed together. The invention of the television stunted this popularity, but radio dramas have continued to be produced over the past 90 years. What will happen if we combine the creative writing of students and teachers with the audio technology of 2017? (Something awesome, we think!)
Teachers and students: Create a script for a 15-minute radio drama that will air on WSKG Radio!


Unpacking Changes To How New York Values Solar

Earlier this month, New York’s Public Service Commission changed how solar energy is valued in the state. Ahead of the decision, some solar advocates were worried a change in regulations would make solar panels less attractive for homeowners and small businesses. WSKG’s Gabe Altieri spoke with Valessa Souter-Kline, who works with NYSEIA, about what the decision means for the solar industry. NYSEIA is a trade association that advocates for the solar industry. On what the Public Service Commission decided: 

Valessa Souter-Kline: This new system gets into ‘what is solar actually providing to the grid?’