Ahead Of Vote, PA Senate Amends Controversial Guns-In-Schools Bill

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — A plan to allow teachers to carry guns in schools is positioned for final vote in the legislature Wednesday.   Democrats added an amendment late Tuesday afternoon in an effort to ease some of the reservations of gun control and teachers’ groups, though the measure still may have a tough time getting past Governor Tom Wolf.  Republican Senator Donald White of Indiana County is the main force behind the controversial piece of legislation. He said it is designed to give school districts more options in protecting students from attacks. But others are concerned. Ceasefire PA’s Shira Goodman, for one, said she thinks it’s more likely to create liabilities.

Paladino Hearing Could Conclude Today

ALBANY (WSKG) – The New York State Education Department hearing on whether Carl Paladino should be removed from the Buffalo Board of Education for leaking private information from the board’s executive sessions could conclude as early as Tuesday.  On Monday, day three of the proceedings, the petitioners seeking Paladino’s removal rested their case. And the Buffalo businessman and former Republican gubernatorial candidate’s defense began. The first witness was a school board member allied with Paladino, Patricia Pierce. She testified that she believed she was free to speak about some of the matters discussed in the board’s executive session, because some of the information had already been made public in other ways.


PA Bill That Allows Armed Teachers Could See Senate Action

HARRISBURG (WSKG) – The state Senate is considering a plan to allow teachers and other school employees with permits to carry guns at work.  Supporters say it’s about keeping kids safe, while opponents are worried the measure would do just the opposite. Senate Bill 383 is sponsored by GOP Senator Donald White of Armstrong County, who said it would give schools more options in protecting students. He added, it could be particularly helpful for rural districts that are far from police stations and might not employ their own security guard. “This is just one more tool to help them–if they see fit–to protect their families,” he said. But the measure has received considerable backlash from gun control and teachers’ groups.

Great Yellowstone Thaw

View at a vivid grand canyon of the Yellowstone and Yellowstone River. Credit: Filip Fuxa/Shutterstock


Great Yellowstone Thaw airs on WSKG-TV on Wednesday June 28, 2017 at 9pm

Greater Yellowstone is a unique place. Nestling high up in the Rocky Mountains in North West America, this ecosystem is one of the world’s greatest wildernesses. But it’s a place of extremes, and the wildlife must deal with one of the toughest springs on Earth. To understand how, this series is following a number of iconic wildlife families – including wolves, grizzlies, Great Gray Owls and beavers.


‘Another Sad Day In Albany’ Says Ethics Watchdog


When the state legislative session ended on June 21, lawmakers left behind a lot of unfinished business, including ethics reform proposals made in light of the economic development scandal in the Cuomo administration.   A bill to add greater oversight to the state’s economic development contracts has majority party sponsors in each house of the legislature. But the measure failed to come to the floor for a vote.  That’s despite the fact that nine former associates of Gov. Andrew Cuomo have been charged with bribery and bid rigging, among other crimes, and are scheduled to go on trial as early as the fall. Ron Deutsch, with the union-backed think tank Fiscal Policy Institute, said it’s a missed opportunity. “It’s another sad day in Albany,” said Deutsch.

Printable Program Guides for July 2017

In early 2016, we stopped production and mailing of our Gamut program guide, preferring to put over $50,000 of annual resources directly into WSKG programs and services. For those who would prefer them, we provide these printable PDF guides. Please click the title of the guide you wish to see. Radio WSKG-WSQX Grid JULY 2017
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condensed GUIDE-WORLD July 2017
Expanded GUIDE-HD July 2017
Expanded GUIDE-KIDS July 2017
Expanded GUIDE-CREATE July 2017
Expanded GUIDE-WORLD July 2017

Listen Now: Free-Range Folk, June 24, 2017


Free-Range Folk
June 24, 2017

Joe Crookston – “Tuesday Morning (For Roko)”
Georgia I’m Here (2014, Milagrito)

David Mallett – “Garden Song”
Greenin’ Up (2012, Independent)

Diana Jones – “Sister”
High Atmosphere (2011, Proper Records)

John Gorka – “The Ballad of Jamie Bee”
Pure John Gorka (2006, Red House Records)

Pat Wictor – “Bordertown”
Living Ever-Lovin LIVE (2009, RiskyDisc Records)

Joshua James – “Coyote Caller”
My Spirit Sister (2017, MTN Records)

Aoife O’Donovan – “Porch Light”
In The Magic Hour (2016, Yep Roc Records)

Mipso – “Everyone Knows”
Old Time Reverie (2015, Robust Records)

Mandolin Orange – “Echo”
Blindfaller (2016, Yep Rock Records)

Jason Isbell and the 400 Units – “If We Were Vampires”
The Nashville Sound (2017, Southeastern Records)

Kasey Chambers – “Romeo & Juliet” with Foy Vance
Dragonfly (2017, Warner Brothers)

Justin Townes Earle – “I I Was The Devil”
Kids In The Street (2017, New West Records)

Kaia Kater – “Harvest and the Plough”
Nine Pin (2016, Independent)

Anna & Elizabeth – “Soldier and the Lady”
Anna & Elizabeth (2015, Free Dirt Records)

Honeysuckle – “Canary”
Honeysuckle (2016, Independent)

Delta Rae – “Bottom Of The River”
Carry The Fire (2012, Sire Records)

Johnny Cash – “The Man Comes Around”
American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002, American Recordings)

Sam Outlaw – “Everyone’s Looking For Home”
Tenderheart (2017, Six Shooter Records)

Andrew Combs – “Suwannee County”
All These Dreams (2015, Loose Music)

Tift Merritt – “Eastern Light” featuring Sam Beam
Stitch of the World (2017, Yep Roc Records)

Eilen Jewell – “Half-Broke Horse”
Sundown Over Ghost Town (2015, Signature Sounds Recordings)

Molly Parden – The Gambler (Western Song)
Time Is Medicine (2011, Independent)

Amanda Shires – “My Love (The Storm)”
My Piece of Land (2016, BMG)

The Stray Birds – “Shining In the Distance”
Magic Fire (2016, Yep Roc Records)

Willie Watson – Mother Earth”
Folk Singer Vol. 1 (2014, Acony Records)

The Infamous Stringdusters – “Ladders In The Sky”
Ladies & Gentlemen (2016, Compass Records)

Old Crow Medicine Show – “Carry Me Back To Virginia”
Carry Me Back (2012, ATO Records)

Claire Lynch – “Kingdom Come” with Bela Fleck, David Grier
North By South (2016, Compass Records)


AMA: We Endorse Pilot Supervised Injection Facilities


The American Medical Association recently endorsed pilot facilities for supervised injection of drugs. It’s a response to the opioid epidemic.  The City of Ithaca last year gained a lot of attention when it proposed a supervised injection facility. These already exist in Canada and 8 other countries. People suffering from addiction can go to a site and inject or use their drugs under medical supervision. Advocates say they prevent overdose deaths.


Cuomo Blames Legislature For Unfinished Business, Threatens Special Session

ALBANY (WSKG) – Gov. Cuomo says the state legislature fell down on the job by leaving town without passing an extension of mayoral control for the New York City schools, and he has not ruled out calling them back for a special session.  Cuomo says by not voting to extend the Bill de Blasio’s authority over the public schools, they essentially voted for a return to the dysfunction of the old system of multiple community school boards.  “It is a dereliction of duty,” Cuomo said. Cuomo says he’s considering holding a special session, but hopes that lawmakers will hear enough from their constituents to decide to return on their own.  “If they go home and they are not assaulted by the residents of their district and chased back to Albany, then yes, I would call a special session,” he said. The Assembly briefly made plans to return to the Capitol on Friday, but changed their minds when it was clear there was no agreement on mayoral control, or how to extend sales tax for most of New York’s counties, which also was not renewed in the final days of the session. The governor concedes he also failed to get lawmakers to agree to renew sales tax authorization for most of the state’s counties, or a measure to allow victims of childhood sexual abuse more opportunities to take legal action.  And he says he’d like more ethics reform but disagrees with the legislature’s bill to reinstate the state Comptroller’s oversight over economic development contracts. Nine former Cuomo associates face trial on charges ranging from bid rigging to bribery over some of the state’s largest economic development projects.


Get Out Of Jail Free


NEW YORK (BBC) – On any given day there are around half a million people detained in American jails without being convicted of a crime. One big reason for this is America’s unique system of cash bail.  When bail is set, those who can afford it go free to await their trial. Those who cannot – often the poor, minorities, the mentally ill – either take their chances with commercial bail-bondsmen, or go to jail. Critics say it is a broken system that lets potentially dangerous people go because they have the cash, and detains other who are harmless just because they are poor. James Fletcher visits New York to hear the stories of those caught up in the machinery of American justice.