New York’s Plan To Combat Climate Change Still On Track


Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’ll sign an executive order committing the state to meet the Paris climate accord standards, calling President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement “reckless” and “irresponsible.” New York State already has begun a plan to get 50 percent of the state’s energy from renewable sources, like wind and solar, by 2030. But it is not without some controversy. Under Cuomo’s plan, begun in 2016, utilities and other energy suppliers will be required to buy renewable energy credits each year. The credits would be paid to solar and wind companies, which would eventually add new clean energy sources to the state’s electric grid.  A major component of the plan, however, has been controversial — the continued operation of three upstate nuclear power plants that are nearly 50 years old. Cuomo announced a deal last August to give those plants a $7.6 billion state aid package.


Many Unknowns Persist For Pennsylvania’s Real ID

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — After years of back and forth, Pennsylvania has passed a law to bring its state IDs up to federal standards. But compliance doesn’t end there.  It’ll still be a multi-year process to phase in the new IDs, and a lot of the timelines and costs are unknown. The state says it tentatively plans to make the new federal “Real ID” compliant cards available around March 2019. PennDOT coordinator Alexis Campbell said the Pennsylvania’s IDs are largely in compliance with federal standards already. But it’ll have to update its IT systems–in particular, the way the state collects identification data will probably change.

Horseheads and Hector Will Hear Music for Violin and Piano


Horseheads native, pianist Benjamin Pawlak and violinist Maria Beltavski perform two concerts including music by Beethoven and Ravel in Horseheads and Hector.  They join us via Skype to talk about the music, how they met, the six years of planning this collaboration, and where they are headed next. http://wskg.org/audio/pawlakbelt.mp3


Photo credit: www.benjaminpawlak.com