Rare | Creatures of the Photo Ark

Rare Creatures of the Photo Ark airs on WSKG-TV on August 1, 2017 at 9pm

In his 25 years as a National Geographic photographer, Joel Sartore has learned to never ignore the smaller creatures in our midst. Joel gets us up close with colorful and charismatic insects with faces and features usually found in sci-fi flicks, because “they help make the world go ‘round.”

Joel also goes in search of larger animals. In the Czech Republic and in one of the series’ most poignant moments, Joel boards the rarest rhinoceros in the world onto the Photo Ark. Nabiré is one of only five of northern white rhinos left on the planet and it may be too late for her kind. Joel’s got one more hike-he’d-rather-not-hike in him, this time in New Zealand where he tags along on a Rowi kiwi egg rescue.

Know Theatre Marks 25 Year with 'Music and Magic'


Know Theatre of Binghamton celebrates 25 years with a special performance featuring magic by Alexander Boyce and music by Santino DeAngelo performed by John Covelli.  Artistic Director Tim Gleason tells about the program and the history of the theatre group. http://wskg.org/audio/musicmagic.mp3


Photo credit: Know Theatre


PA Senate Launches New Revenue Proposal, Heavier On Taxes

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — In hopes of finally finishing the budget that was due at the end of June, the GOP-led state Senate is pushing a revenue package that departs significantly from previous tax-averse attempts.  Republicans have repeatedly clashed with Governor Tom Wolf over the amount of recurring dollars necessary to fill a $2 billion hole in the $32 billion budget. This new proposal boosts revenue to a level a Wolf spokesman calls “responsible,” and it does so, in part, by raising taxes. The biggest component is a gross receipts tax that reinstates a 5.7 percent gas levy that was previously phased out, and makes smaller increases to electricity and telecommunications taxes. All together, gross receipts earnings are projected to net the state $405 million. Also included in the plan is a controversial severance tax on natural gas drilling that Wolf has long supported, which would earn an estimated $100 million.

Memories of a Penitent Heart pbs rewire

When Family, Religion and Sexuality Collide

First-time filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo’s “Memories of a Penitent Heart” is many things. It’s a love story and a family history. It’s an investigative report and a warning. But first and foremost it is the story of Miguel Dieppa, Aldarondo’s uncle.The life and family legacy of Miguel Dieppa (right) is the subject of “Memories of a Penitent Heart.” His partner of more than 10 years, Robert, is on the left. Photo courtesy of Blackscrackle Films LLC.Conflicting forces were at play in Miguel’s life.

Geneva Light Opera presents Mozart's 'Don Giovanni'


Geneva Light Opera presents Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s dramma giocoso ‘Don Giovanni’. Jimi James, the baritone singing the title role, joins us along with General Manager Gena Rangel to talk about this unique and challenging work that runs the gamut from high drama to slapstick comedy. http://wskg.org/audio/genevadon.mp3


Photo credit: Kevin Schoonover for Geneva Light Opera


Closing Online Sales Loopholes Could Net PA Revenue

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — The way people buy things–both in Pennsylvania, and around the country–is changing. Online shopping is on the rise, and sales in physical stores have correspondingly declined. But what hasn’t changed much in Pennsylvania is how it taxes sales. And that’s losing the commonwealth money.   Pennsylvania ended the last fiscal year with revenue from its six percent tax around two percent below projections–a blow that contributed to its substantial budget shortfall.

State Senators To Pick Up Where They Left Off On PA Budget

HARRISBURG  (WSKG) — State Senators are scheduled to return to session Wednesday for a two-day stint, in an effort to iron out differences in a budget that’s nearly a month overdue. The chamber plans to pick up where it left negotiations two weeks ago, and appears to be largely disregarding last week’s House session.  The major options being considered to fill a $2 billion gap in the $32 billion budget have been borrowing against a state fund to plug last year’s significant shortfall, select fund transfers, and a gambling expansion. Leaders have also floated some form of tax increase. Last week, House Speaker Mike Turzai tried to push through an alternative, tax-free plan, but didn’t have enough support to get it anywhere. So, Senate GOP spokeswoman Jenn Kocher said, they’re returning to Plan A. “We were looking at the different things that were out there and put out there by the House, and we’re assuming that they didn’t have the support because they didn’t run it, so now we’re trying to go back to where we were,” she said.

Franklin Stage Presents 'Orson Welles/Shylock'


Franklin Stage Company presents ‘Orson Welles/Shylock’.  Writer/actor/director Matt Chiorini tells about Welles’ life-long quest to portray this enigmatic and disturbing character from Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, and how difficult it was to boil down the 70 years of this larger-than-life actor into just 70 minutes of theatre. http://wskg.org/audio/chiorini.mp3


Photo credit: Franklin Stage Company


Union Leaders Rethink Their Approach In PA

HARRISBURG (WSKG) — Pennsylvania union leaders are attempting to chart a new course after decades of declining membership. As members have dwindled, unions’ once-strong political sway toward the Democratic party has also shifted.  The change was especially apparent last year, when an overwhelming number of white, union or former union members voted for Donald Trump. Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale recently wrapped up what he calls a “listening tour” around the commonwealth. He said in his discussions with current and former members, he often hears that they feel alienated by the left, and by unions themselves. “I think we were speaking too much at them, rather than having conversations with them,” he said.