County Seeks Bidders For Drug Treatment At Broome Developmental

The Broome Developmental Center is one step closer to becoming a site for addiction treatment.  New York's Office of Addiction and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) will fund 50 beds for medically-supervised withdrawal in Building 1 of the Center, located in the Town of Dickinson. It could eventually have a hundred beds and include more services. In order to get a licensed provider, Broome County has issued a Request for Proposals. Democratic Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said details on other services will depend on the provider, but hand-offs to the next level of care will be necessary.  Garnar said local officials did bring community concerns to the state.


Protesters Urge PA Reps To Oppose Immigration Crackdown

HARRISBURG (WSKG) - Protesters around Pennsylvania spent Wednesday urging the commonwealth's Republican US senators and congressional representatives not to support a budget bill that routes significant dollars toward enforcing immigration laws--including $1.6 billion to build a wall on the Mexican border.   One group braved torrential rain to bring the message to Congressman Lou Barletta's office in Harrisburg--and they even brought props. After waiting out a downpour, a handful of constituents, local organizers, and members of pro-immigration reform group CASA filed into the conservative Barletta's quiet office. They carried with them a box of shoes, which CASA regional director Elizabeth Alex said is a significant gesture. "These shoes are representing the empty shoes that are left behind when a family member is detained or deported by ICE," she explained.


Elmira Hopes State Funds Can Put Dent In Poverty

Antanisha Garrett likes it in Elmira.   “Coming from a fast paced state like New Jersey, it’s really different," she said. "You can really come here and get your life together.” Garrett has tried to do just that. She’s lived in the Southern Tier off-and-on for several years. But she’s now in Elmira full-time.

Assembly Speaker Takes Life Lessons From ‘Star Trek’

The often-reticent New York Assembly Speaker, Carl Heastie, showed a different side of himself when the lifelong Star Trek fan visited a museum in New York’s North Country that replicates the fictional Starship Enterprise.  It’s a Trekkie’s dream — sitting in Capt. Kirk’s chair, standing on a transporter pod, holding an actual communicator prop from the television show. Heastie got to do all of that when he visited the Star Trek Set Tour museum in Ticonderoga as part of a tour of New York’s North Country. “I feel like I’m 10 years old again,” Heastie said. “This is amazing.” Heastie, who is 49, wasn’t yet alive when the original version of the series premiered in 1966. But the reruns in the late 1970s certainly captured his imagination.


At Hearing, Residents Argue Against Proposed Natural Gas Transfer Station In Fenton

A hearing on Wednesday in Broome County Supreme Court may decide the fate of a proposed natural gas transfer station in the Town of Fenton. The company NG Advantage wants to build the station in Fenton, which is just north of Binghamton.  Separate lawsuits from residents, a church and the Chenango Valley School District say the company and the Town didn’t follow the right procedures. They also question the reliability of safety reports and environmental impact studies. Maeve Tooher is a lawyer representing the school. She said the judge told both sides he’d have a decision soon.

The Jasper String Quartet Presents Three Concerts this Weekend

The Cooperstown Summer Music Festival welcomes the Jasper String Quartet for a series of three concerts: August 4 in Christ Church, August 5 in Templeton Hall, and August 6 in the Otesaga Resort Hotel.  We hear from the quartet's violist, Sam Quintal, who took a break from his drive to perform a concert, in order to chat with us via Skype. http://wskg.org/audio/jasper.mp3


Photo credit: Vanessa Briceno-Scherzer for the Jasper String Quartet


Tompkins Health Department Warns Of Blue Green Algae In Cayuga Lake

The Tompkins County Health Department says harmful blue-green algae has been found in Cayuga Lake. In a press release, the Department says the Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) have been "visually identified" on each side of the Southern end of the lake, and that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed the HABs.  Ingesting water infected by blue-green algae can make humans and pets ill. The Department is urging residents to look out for strongly colored water, a paint-like surface and floating mats or scum. You can see sample images here of both HABs and non-toxic green algal blooms. Boiling, chlorinating, or otherwise treating your water will not make it safe to use during a bloom. The Department has this instruction: "During a bloom, do not drink, prepare food, cook, or make ice with water from the lake or from beach wells." Pets should also be kept from drinking untreated surface water.


Proposed Natural Gas Transfer Station In Fenton Heads To Court

Maureen Singer is not happy about a proposed natural gas transfer station in the Town of Fenton. “It’s tough to digest how a responsible governing body approved that,” she said.   A natural gas transfer station taps into an existing pipeline, puts the gas on trucks, and ships it to places where relatively inexpensive fuel might be hard to get. The town approved the project earlier this year.  Singer is part of a group of residents that filed a lawsuit against Fenton and the company building the transfer station, NG Advantage. A hearing on the case is scheduled for Wednesday.  A church and the Chenango Valley School District have filed separate lawsuits.  Concern Over Process  Next to the proposed site, there are baseball fields, a playground, and a basketball court.

Printable Program Guides for August 2017

In early 2016, we stopped production and mailing of our Gamut program guide, preferring to put over $50,000 of annual resources directly into WSKG programs and services. For those who would prefer them, we provide these printable PDF guides. Please click the title of the guide you wish to see. Radio Guide, WSKG and WSQX
WSKG HDTV condensed guide
WSKG DT-2, "PBS Kids" condensed guide
WSKG DT-3, "Create" condensed guide
WSKG DT-4, "World" condensed guide
WSKG HDTV DAYTIME condensed guide


Congressman Barletta Likely To Challenge Casey For Senate

HARRISBURG (WSKG) - A challenger for Democratic US Senator Bob Casey's seat is likely to announce his candidacy within the next few weeks. GOP Congressman Lou Barletta would be Casey's highest-profile challenger to date.   He hasn't made his run official yet, and a spokesman didn't confirm it. But the Associated Press has reported he's already telling GOP officials about his plans. The Hazelton Republican is closely tied to President Donald Trump.