Halloween Safety Can Keep Your Pets From Getting Tricked


It’s Halloween and pet owners are making sure their cats and dogs stay safe. Sheryl and her owner Katie Kanazawich live on Binghamton’s West Side. Sheryl is a Plott Hound mix who is excitable and sweet, and loves to dress up. “When you bring [her clothes] out, she knows they’re hers, she wags her tail and gets excited to wear it,” Katie said. Sheryl has holiday themed shirts and an airplane costume.

Spooky Science on PBS Learning Media

Check out this spooky science collection on PBS Learning Media, bringing media into your classroom. Halloween dates back thousands of years to the Celtic people of ancient Europe, who recognized October 31 as the last day of autumn and had festivals to celebrate. This was the time that the regular world and spirit world were thought to be closest, so people wore masks and costumes to fend off roaming ghosts. Over time, the holiday evolved into a secular and community-based event known for activities like trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples that we love today. Halloween is a time to celebrate superstition and changing seasons, and this collection aims to do just that.

Virtual Event for Classrooms Highlights ‘The Vietnam War’

Days before Veterans Day 2017, PBS Teachers, ITVS, National History Day, and WETA present a special virtual event for classrooms featuring filmmaker Lynn Novick of the acclaimed PBS documentary, “The Vietnam War.”

Join us Wednesday, November 8, 2017 as Novick offers an in-depth look at the Vietnam War era through the making of her film, as well as personal, behind-the-scenes insights from her experience working with U.S. and Vietnamese veterans, historians, and everyday people who witnessed the War firsthand. This will be an interactive discussion, so have your questions ready! Register now for this free, live, stream-only online event. http://to.pbs.org/2g8w1V6


PA Treasurer Authorizes Major Loan To Cover State Expenses

HARRISBURG (WSKG) – The state Treasury has authorized a major $1.8 billion loan to keep Pennsylvania’s general fund from running out of money.  It comes just in time for the commonwealth to make major public school payments. Over the last several years, it became routine for the Treasury to extend large loans early in the fiscal year, because the bulk of state revenues have tended to come in later months. But this year, Treasurer Joe Torsella refused to follow suit until the state budget was finished–calling it irresponsible to do so. The Senate and Governor Tom Wolf supported the decision to delay the loan, though House Republicans didn’t.  Wolf still hasn’t confirmed whether he’ll sign the legislature’s now-complete revenue plan, but Torsella said he’s comfortable lending the money based on the administration’s promises to manage funds responsibly. In a statement, Torsella said because of the “unusual events surrounding this year’s budget,” the Treasury opted to add provisions to the loan that would “secure Treasury’s investment, and provide alternatives if circumstances change.”


New York, California Governors Team Up Against Tax Overhaul


ALBANY (WSKG) – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in a conference call with California Gov. Jerry Brown, singled out two New York GOP congressmen for criticism after they voted for a budget measure that clears the way for a vote on the Republican plan to overhaul the tax system. Cuomo has been speaking out nearly every day against a proposal in the federal tax overhaul plan to eliminate state and local tax deductions from federal income tax filings. He calls it double taxation and a political attack on New York. The state comptroller has said New Yorkers would lose $72 billion in state and local tax deductions if the Republican plan in Congress were to be approved. That’s because New York has one of the highest local tax rates in the nation.