The Legend Behind The Binghamton Devils Nickname

Binghamton’s professional hockey team plays its first regular-season game on Saturday. The Binghamton Devils borrowed their nickname from the New Jersey Devils, their parent club.  The word “Devil” can connote fire, torture, burning for all eternity. But, not this Devil. This one is based on an urban legend. “This is not the devil of the bible," said Angus Gillespie, a professor and folklorist at Rutger University. "This is a creature, a legendary creature of southern New Jersey.” So, think less Adam and Eve and more Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.


Imperium3 Plans Move Into Old IBM Site

Manufacturing will return to the vacant IBM site in Endicott. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that lithium ion batteries will be made on the Huron Campus.    Joining in the consortium of three companies locating in Endicott is C4V. When New York held its first ever 76West Clean Energy Competition, C4V’s new battery storage technology earned a $500,000 prize.  Within five years, Dr. Shalilesh Upreti, president of C4V, said they will hire and train 232 employees. "Because there is no manufacturing as high scale like this today in the US, we have been bringing folks from overseas—especially from Japan and Korea—for the training purpose," Upreti said.

The Binghamton Babylon Film Festival Ends with the Rod Serling Film Festival

A chance encounter on a New York subway led to the Binghamton Babylon Film Festival.  Now in its second year, the weekend is capped off with the Rod Serling Film Festival. Art Mission Vice-president Andrea Gregori and WSKG Education Director Jackie Stapleton talk about the many entries in both competitions. http://wskg.org/audio/17babylon.mp3


Photo credit: Doug Kerr via Flickr

Student-Produced ‘Left to Write’ Will Leave You Pondering

A student group of five filmmakers who have a passion for all elements of video making, whether it's filming, acting, editing, or writing. Erick Amaya, Griffin Bluemer, Thomas Friebolin, Noah Morris, David Mosden are students at Huntington High School in Mrs. Swan’s video program. Their film explores the life of a student who, one day, discovers a book that describes his life. This piece follows the boy as he contemplates whether to continue reading the book, or to return it to the librarian who gave it to him. What is your film about? 
This is a film production that explores the life of a student who, one day, discovers a book that describes his life.

Photographer and Activist LaToya Ruby Frazier Speaks in Corning

The Rockwell Museum welcomes TED Fellow LaToya Ruby Frazier, who will deliver a talk, 'Art and Empathy: Storytelling for Social Change'. "For LaToya Ruby Frazier, art is a weapon – a catalyst for social justice. Her photographs and videos document today’s America, including her native Braddock, Pennsylvania. Her work amplifies the stories of post-industrial communities– cities and small towns riven by poverty, racism, healthcare inequality, and environmental toxicity. Bridging the personal with the social, her powerful gorgeous work amplifies the voices of the vulnerable and transforms our sense of place and self."

Smell That? It’s Forensic Entomology At The Body Farm

Science Friday airs weekly on WSQX Fridays 2-4pm

by Jennifer O’Brien, on September 29, 2017

Science Friday offers educational resources for your science classroom.   The following is sample of a lesson plan for 6-12th grade students. Find more information here. 

WARNING Graphic Content: The videos and images below contain graphic documentation of  real life, rotting human and animal corpses that may be disturbing to a younger audience. A forensic scientist enters a crime scene and sees some flies, maggots, and a few beetles on and around a dead body. She immediately begins collecting them.

‘It’s Not What it Looks Like’ Receives Best Fiction/Story Honor

Congratulations to Jad Jacob for sharing his film It's Not What It Looks Like with the Rod Serling Film Festival. His film received the award for Best Fiction/Story for 2017. What is your film about? 
It's Not What It Looks Like is a one-shot comedic short film detailing the adolescent antics of Steve and Clara, a couple whose attempt at a breakup takes a quick and escalating series of turns for the worst. How did you come up with the idea for your film? I wanted to challenge myself my making a short film that was all done in one shot.

Marietta Cheng Returns to the OSFL

The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes welcomes back Conductor Laureate Marietta Cheng for Folk Tales à la Russe, an all-Russian program of music by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov. "Marietta Cheng  served as Music Director and Conductor of the OSFL from its creation until May of 2008. From 1986 to 1995, Cheng was Conductor of the Corning Philharmonic. Ms. Cheng is Professor of Music and Conductor at Colgate University and chair of the Music Department. The Colgate University Orchestra, under her baton, is one of the best liberal arts college orchestras in the country.


PA Looks To Amend Laws In Wake Of Equifax Breach

HARRISBURG (WSKG) -- Several state lawmakers are introducing legislation to help people deal with situations in which their personal information is compromised.  The move comes after a massive security breach at credit reporting agency Equifax affected millions of Pennsylvanians.  The breach is the largest in the country's history. In the Pennsylvania alone, more than five million people had information compromised--about three quarters of the commonwealth's adult population. Attorney General Josh Shapiro launched an investigation soon after the breach was made public. The probe now includes 46 other states. He said it's progressing quickly, and that "subpoenas have been issued, and we expect Equifax to begin producing documents very, very shortly."