Charlie Lawrisky & The Kickin' Polkas, Show Two


WSKG’s locally produced Let’s Polka welcomes back living polka legend Charlie Lawrisky & The Kickin’ Polkas to the stage. Charlie has been playing for seventy years and he has joined forces with accordion player John Stevens to form a group sure to please every polka fan. The studio audience danced along to such classics as ‘The Painters Polka’ and ‘The White Roses Waltz’ and were entertained by show host, Bill Flynn.

“Strawberries & Raspberries”
“Painters Polka”
“Seven Days & Seven Nights”
“Sparkling Eyes Oberek”
“White Roses Waltz”
“Pukaj Jasiu”

If you have any interest in becoming a member of WSKG’s Let’s Polka Club, please contact Chris DiRienzo at (607) 729-0100 ext. 385


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