Dede Hatch, Ithaca Rocks

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WSKG Arts is proud to partner with the Roy H. Park School of Communications for a series of Arts & Culture Shorts. This segment looks at Ithaca photographer and artisan Dede Hatch. The photography of Dede Hatch has been part of the local visual landscape for over thirty years. She had her first exhibition, as well as her first commercial advertising shoot, at the age of 16. Throughout her education, art and photography were central and she has exhibited widely.

Over time, Dede also began working with tiny rocks and pebbles to create unique and beautiful jewelry. This eventually became her Ithaca Rocks brand and this Arts & Culture Short goes behind the scenes as she builds her fascinating creations. Dede’s story is also told thru an interview with her, as well as her friends and satisfied customers.

Produced by Madison Bess, Kyle Benedetti and Adriana Del Grosso

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