Fritz's Polka Band, Show One


WSKG is proud to present another half hour of toe-tapping fun as Fritz’s Polka Band takes the Let’s Polka stage. Fritz’s Polka Band (FPB) was formed in 1978 by lead accordionist, the late Fred Scherz Sr., and his eight-year old son, Fritz, for whom the band was named. Sadly, Fred passed away on November 14, 2009, but FPB has vowed to carry on his legacy! Playing everything from modern-style polka to country to rock and even blues, FPB performs an eclectic mix of musical styles! Highlights of this set include ‘Kiss an Angel Good Morning’, ‘Polka Time in the Morning’ and a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. Bill Flynn hosts.

“Here is Fritz’s Polka Band/The Party’s Just Begun”
“It’s a Jager Party”
“Kiss an Angel Good Morning”
“Please Don’t Wait ’til Tomorrow”
“Polka Time in the Morning”
“It Doesn’t Matter”
“Folsom Prison Blues”

For more information about Fritz’s Polka Band please visit their website at:

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