John Stanky & The Coalminers, Show One


WSKG is proud to welcome the legendary John Stanky and his Coalminers to Let’s Polka!  John Stanky is the “Gentleman Of Polkas” and he began his musical career back in 1945. He formed his first band in 1950 and changed their name to the “Coalminers” in 1962 due to his bandmates working in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. Over fifty years later, John is still entertaining audiences with his crack musicianship. Kimberly Bukowski, Deborah Horoschock and Norbert Wisniewski join John on-stage and augment his sound perfectly with their horn playing. John Ptashinski and Vincent Horoschock provide the backbeat with percussion and electric bass, respectively. Highlights of this set include the classic, ‘Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie’ and a rousing rendition of the ‘Hungarian Czardas’. Bill Flynn hosts and also conducts an interview with John Stanky.

“Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie”
“Where’s Your Babuska”
“It’s Too Hot For Working”
“Hungarian Czardas”
“Blue Skirt Waltz”
“Wanda Polka”

LET’S POLKA FACT: John Stanky and his Coalminers have performed in both China and Russia.

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