John Stanky & The Coalminers, Show Two


John Stanky & The Coalminers grace the Let’s Polka stage once again and delight the studio audience with a tremendous performance. Selections include the ‘Helen Polka’, ‘Clarinet Polka’ and the tender waltz ‘Overlooked an Orchid’. With over fifty years of musical experience, John is considered a polka legend in the northeast and beyond. He is joined on-stage by his two daughters, Deborah Horoschock and Kimberly Bukowski, who play the trumpet, saxophone and clarinet. The versatile Norbert Wisniewski plays both saxophone and clarinet while Vinny Horoschock and John Ptashinski round out the rhythm section. Bill Flynn hosts and conducts an interview with John where he discusses what it’s like to play with his two daughters.

“Hello Stash Polka”
“Helen Polka”
“Clarinet Polka”
“Overlooked an Orchid”
“Oj Nasza Kasia Oberek”
“No Beer Today Polka”

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