Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds jam and drink (really) hot tea


Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds pared down their 8-piece band to fit into our wee little Green Rom set, but the resulting acoustic performance is not any less amazing. Super vocals, lovely harmonies, great guitar and a handful of killer harmonica solos make this a show worth watching again and again. You will also learn things about the bald eagle during Sarah’s “field sounds” game. The interview starts at 8:19. (Special thanks to the band for making an extra stop on their Upstate NY tour.)

Set List:

“Sugar” (starts at 0:17)
“Don’t Be Jealous (It’s Just Me and the Fellas)” (starts at 4:05)Tweet with us at #TeaSharp
“Mama Knows” (starts at 15:58)


Hosted by Sarah Gager
Produced and Edited by Shane Johnson and Teresa Peltier
Special thanks to Brian Frey

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