Ryan Vanderhoof shares his soft style and unique favorite tea


You might be tempted to turn up the volume on Ryan’s performance, but he says softness is part of his style. Ryan, former singer/guitarist for Akron/Family, has gone solo with his new EP “Seahorse Memoirs”. Now living in Ithaca, he teaches private music lessons and classes at Hickeys Music Center. Straight from WSKG’s Green Room, Ryan performs three songs and tells our host, Sarah Gager, about the origin of “Seahorse Memoirs” (interview starts at 9:23).

Set List:
“Understood” from Seahorse Memoirs (starts at 0:00)
A translation of “Gracias a la Vida” by Violeta Parra (starts at 5:30)
Cover of “My Heart’s In the Highlands” by Robert Burns (starts at 13:52)

Tweet with us at #TeaSharpCredits:
Hosted by Sarah Gager
Produced by Teresa Peltier
Special thanks to Brian Frey

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