Storyteller Santino DeAngelo


Santino DeAngelo works as a writer, composer and director of experimental theater, musical theater, and film. He is the owner of Santino DeAngelo Presents, through which he produces his new works. Santino has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Rod Serling Award for Best Screenwriting, the Harpur Fellows Award, the United Cultural Fund Grant, and the Classical Club Project Grant. Through a Presidential Initiative Grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States he composed the musical score for the world premiere translation of ‘Plautus Mostellaria’ (translated as ‘The Ghoul Next Door’) which played as the center piece of an academic conference on ancient Roman comedy.

He is a recent graduate of Binghamton University, receiving a degree in Classical Civilization, Myth and Performance. This degree, which he created at Binghamton during his undergrad, allows him to study the ancient performance practices of indigenous cultures and transform them into modern works.



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