The Golden Tones, Show One


The Golden Tones have been playing music for over thirty years and WSKG is happy to welcome them to Let’s Polka. The group was started by a teenage Rich Machey in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. While inspired by polka veterans such as Eddie Blazonczyk and The Polskie Swingmaster, Rich and the group have developed their own drive style through the years. The Golden Tones now consist of six musicians and they are Rich Machey, (sax, clarinet and vocals) Jerome Machey, (trumpet and vocals) Joe Krzysik, (accordion keyboards and vocals), A.J. Wanyo, (drums) Mike Yevich, (accordion, trumpet, guitar, bass and vocals) and Paul Pehala, (accordion, concertina and vocals). Highlights of this set include ‘Lucky’s Polka’ and the ‘Love My Girls Polka’. Bill Flynn hosts.

“Lucky’s Polka”
“Got To Go Polka”
“Jailbird Polka”
“Ku Ku Oberek”
“Shining Moon Waltz”
“Love My Girls Polka”
“Boys and Girls Polka”
“Young Girls Polka”

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