The Golden Tones, Show Three


All six members of The Golden Tones have been playing music for over thirty years, totaling over 200 years of polka music experience. The guys in the band all have a love for polka music and it keeps their drive alive. That drive is evident on the Let’s Polka stage as The Golden Tones put on a tremendous performance for our studio audience. The musicians in the band are; Richie Machey, (sax, clarinet and vocals) Jerome Machey, (trumpet and vocals) Joe Krzysik, (accordion keyboards and vocals), A.J. Wanyo, (drums) Mike Yevich, (accordion, trumpet, guitar, bass and vocals) and Paul Pehala, (accordion, concertina and vocals). Highlights of this set include ‘Barbara’s Polka’, ‘Don’t Cry Oberek’ and the ‘Life of a Drunk Polka’. Bill Flynn hosts.

“Barbara’s Polka”
“Moon Lighter’s Polka”
“Polish Sausage”
“Don’t Cry Oberek”
“On Top of the Hill Waltz”
“Our Break Up Polka”
“Life of a Drunk Polka”

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