"The Magic of Nature" by Sequoya (Susan Weiner)


Although many people do not actively seek to spend time in the outdoors and world of nature, author Sequoya (aka Susan Weiner) encourages people of all nature interests to re-connect with the natural world and become more in tune with it. In her book The Magic of Nature living in the heart and soul of the natual world, she shares her experiences becoming an inhabitatnt of a small cabin surrounded by acres of forest between Seneca and Cayuga lakes in central New York state.

Sequoya is founder of the Soaring Spirit Earth Stewardship Foundation, and has a divirsity of knowledge that has enabled her to create heating systems and insulate her cabin as well as work out ways to cohabitate with the flora and fauna of the deep woods as well as understanding basic aspects of land management. Sequoya has a degree in economics and is a propenent of energy conservation, practicing a form of personal economics with resources such as food, water and firewood.

The book includes photos of Sequoya’s surroundings and poetic observations, as well as a telling of her practical experiences living off the grid and the various roadblocks encountered along the way, including the need for a seady source of fresh water and clear access in and out on the dirt road leading to her cabin. She makes it clear that the synchronicity doesn’t just happen, but requires one to slow down and actively listen to your environment.

Her main aim in writing this book is to encourage people to notice the natural world around them, from the changes in what birds are outside your  window during each season to learning how to be aware of the amount of natural resources we use, learning to be conservative with them.

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