The Makepeace Brothers


Home grown in the vibrant music community of Ithaca, NY, The Makepeace Brothers were surrounded by a constant soundtrack of Dylan, Marley, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, as well as diverse acts from around the world that they watched perform at music festivals each year. Combining elements of bluegrass, country, jazz, Brazilian, African, and Celtic, their music is as worldly and positive as their message.

The four Makepeace brothers have been called “The Everly Brothers squared” with  their catchy harmonies. Aidan, Liam, Finian, and Ciaran Makepeace’s  songs move people to think, feel, and dance, with lyrics that are both witty and poignant, and which spread the message embodied in their surname – “make peace”.

“Follow Me”
“Love Comes Along”
“Bring Me Back to Mother’s Arms”
“Slow Down, Feel Up”
“Lady Light”
“Soft Side of Her Bones”
“Going Back”
“Thank You”


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