With Net Neutrality Decision, This Model Could Offer More Broadband Choices For Rural Customers


Opponents of Thursday’s FCC decision to roll back net neutrality rules are concerned about the effect on broadband internet access, especially in rural areas. Bringing broadband to these areas can be expensive. For the last couple years, the FCC had regulated the internet as a utility. Now, that’s changed and some fear providers won’t have the incentive to bring better access to rural areas. One solution could be open access networks. These supply the infrastructure for broadband internet; things like fiber are laid down.


As Ulysses Sells Historic Church, Memories Of Gas Spill Linger


Residents in Jacksonville, New York must still deal with fallout from an underground gas leak at a Mobil station in the 1970’s. Jacksonville is a hamlet in the Town of Ulysses in Tompkins County. Now, Ulysses owns the properties contaminated by the spill. That includes a historic Methodist church. The church is two stories tall.


Steuben County Pursues Legal Action Against Big Pharma Over Opioid Epidemic


Steuben County plans to join the chorus of municipalities filing lawsuits over the opioid epidemic. The county legislature gave the unanimous go-ahead to pursue the lawsuit on Monday. Steuben is targeting major pharmaceutical companies and large prescribers. Large prescribers could mean places like hospital systems.  The decision came after the public urged legal action at forums in Bath, Corning and Hornell. The county population is relatively small, but still had 16 overdose deaths last year.  “The number is staggering in comparison to what we were looking at even five years ago.