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It's common knowledge that music is important to teenagers, but why is that so? Thirty-six drama students at BHS shine a light on why music, and other forms of art, are a must-have in teenage life! The audio features produced by students explore art from an angle that is important to them: From photography to music, culinary to dance, psychological impact, history, and more! Students wrote an audio script, learned voice techniques for best recording, used field recording equipment to capture interviews, and explored editing software as part of WSKG’s youth media program. A special field trip to WSKG Studios gave students hands-on experience in journalism during Media Boot Camp.

First Generation Edition | 2012

June - December 2012

This first group of student reporters exceeded our expections! Students from Broome and Tompkins counties tackled a variety of topics that were important to them, including vandalism, public safety, sexuality, rising college costs, and domestic violence.  The great diversity in topics is representative of each students' individuality and the value behind their perspectives.  

Student Reporters:

"The College Cost of Pizza"
Grade 12
Endicott, NY
Favorite Superhero: Spawn
Favorite Food: Pizza
Reporter Profile: "On the Move" Izzy-z talks about his childhood experiences moving around the country.  

Lia Scott
"Domestic Violence in Teenage Lives"
Grade 10
Endicott, NY
Evertech High School
Favorite Activity:  Singing
Reporter Profile: "Stay Strong" Lia Scott speaks about her experiences being bullied and its lasting impact.  
"Ithaca Gorges: To Jump or Not to Jump"
Grade 11
Ithaca, NY
Favorite Car: Bugatti Veyron Turbo
Favorite Activity: Snowboarding
Reporter Profile: "The Drive" JMAXX35 shares his thoughts from a near-death experience.

Watson | Classroom Guide

WATSON is an original documentary that explores a significant person who profoundly shaped the Southern Tier of New York State.  Features of this collection include themes, video clips, discussion questions, and activities.  The classroom elements were developed by NYS certified teachers and align with state and national standards. WATSON is the story of Thomas J. Watson, Sr. and the founding of the IBM corporation.  The life of Thomas J. Watson, Sr. exemplifies the American Dream story of rags to riches.

Path Through History | Classroom Guide

Path Through History is a unique teaching and learning tool that highlights various parks, museums, landmarks, and people throughout New York State. Students will experience many destinations such as battlefields, natural wonders, railroads, and even a cemetery!   Classroom elements include overview, themes, video segments, discussion questions, and activities. These were developed by teachers and align with New York State and national learning standards for the Social Studies content area. The collection includes over 25 videos covering a wide range of themes including Arts and Culture, Early American History, Innovation and Commerce, Natural History, Sports History, Transportation, and Women’s History. These resources are geared towards grades third through fifth.

Move It! | Classroom Guide

Join in the fun with Move It!. Our Blueberryanators and Ripe Bananas will take you all across Upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania as they compete for points in challenges that test their strength, wit, food smarts and ability to stay calm under pressure. During “Move It!” segments, you’ll focus on physical activity. Learn how to power that fun during “Fuel It!”. Wrap things up with “Cool It!” and learn how self-awareness, through activities like yoga and goal-setting, can set you up for success next time.

Kids in Motion | Classroom Guide

Kids in Motion is part of WSKG Public Media’s Working on Wellness project. WSKG and partners Binghamton City School District, Broome-Tioga BOCES and the Broome County Health Department created lessons and media clips based upon Movement in the Classroom Physical Education curriculum. These video segments range in length from five to fifteen minutes demonstrating simple yet meaningful movement activities that are easily replicable in the classroom, after school or home setting.
For more information, download our Kids In Motion flyer. 
This collection includes over 50 videos and lessons covering a wide variety of curriculum including, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, The Arts and World Languages. These videos and lessons are geared towards grades Kindergarten through 5th.

Johnson | Classroom Guide

For over 50 years, George F. Johnson worked to build one of the largest and most successful manufacturing organizations in United States history, The Endicott-Johnson Shoe Corporation. Endicott-Johnson was a mammoth operation located in and around Binghamton, NY.  At its height, Endicott-Johnson employed over 20,000 people across nearly two dozen plants. Johnson's company produced more than 52 million pairs of shoes a year, nearly 30% of the shoes made in America at the time. More importantly and for many E-J Shoes became a shining example of how a company and its workers could transform the way American industry operated. WSKG released the full Johnson documentary alongside the Watson film in 2011:

Visit the full Johnson collection online at PBSLearningMedia

Good to Know | Classroom Guide

Good To Know is a digital video series for adults that introduces the methods, vocabulary, and processes their child learns at school. These short, clear and fun videos will help to explain math topics that are taught in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 Common Core curricula. The videos will help develop a conceptual understanding of how math practices build on previous knowledge and empower parents and caregivers to help their children learn foundational math skills! Learn more about Good to Know through this intro video!:

Visit the full Good to Know collection online at PBSLearningMedia


Agnes: The Flood of '72 | Classroom Guide

Agnes: The Flood of '72, is a WSKG original documentary that explores a significant event that greatly shaped the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania. Classroom elements include overview, themes, DVD segments, discussion questions, activities, and further resources. These were developed by teachers and align with New York State and national learning standards for the Social Studies and Science content areas. On June 19, 1972, the first hurricane of the season, Agnes, crossed over the Florida Panhandle and quickly headed back out to sea. With sustained winds of just over 75 miles per hour, Agnes was considered a low level threat by most weather experts.

Affinity Funds

The Affinity Fund: Aligning your passions in life with your legacy. You have a passion for giving, for making an impact on the community and for enhancing your quality of life and helping other do the same. Shouldn't your legacy reflect what you care about most in life? The Affinity Funds were created to offer an innovative way to make a substantial and lasting impact in your community through support of public broadcasting. A gift to the Affinity Funds recognizes your generosity and helps share your life's passions with future generations.