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Need resources to help with homework or some ideas to take your classroom to the next level?
Check out educational resources from WSKG, PBS, and many more.

WSKG Classroom Guides


WATSON is an original documentary that explores a significant person who profoundly shaped the Southern Tier of New York State. Features of this collection include themes, video clips, discussion questions, and activities.

Path Through History

Path Through History is a unique teaching and learning tool that highlights various parks, museums, landmarks, and people throughout New York State. Students will experience many destinations such as battlefields, natural wonders, railroads, and even a cemetery!

Move It!

During “Move It!” segments, you’ll focus on physical activity. Learn how to power that fun during “Fuel It!”. Wrap things up with “Cool It!” and learn how self-awareness, through activities like yoga and goal-setting, can set you up for success next time.


Endicott-Johnson Shoe Corporation, led by George F. Johnson, was a mammoth operation located in and around Binghamton, NY. The company and philosophy of Johnson had lasting impacts on the region.

Good To Know

Good To Know is a digital video series for adults that introduces the methods, vocabulary, and processes their child learns at school.

Gray Riders

Coming Soon

Agnes: Flood of '72

Agnes: The Flood of '72, is a WSKG original documentary that explores a significant event that greatly shaped the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

Kids in Motion

These video segments range in length from five to fifteen minutes demonstrating simple yet meaningful movement activities that are easily replicable in the classroom, after school or home setting.

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