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Hello Upstate NY!

Arts and Culture Shorts is WSKG’s exciting new way of highlighting the distinct stories behind some of the most extraordinary local talents, world-class institutions and all that is quirky and artsy that make upstate New York so unique.

We’ll present a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-them three-minute segment to you each week, revealing a different side of our ever-growing cultural diversity and ever-expanding arts community. Upstate New York has increasingly become the epicenter of some of the best music festivals in the country, a multitude of year-round arts events and numerous museum exhibitions and outdoor festivals that all take place within our 21-county listening and watching area.

All of which, together with our burgeoning wine and culinary scene, embody an exciting region filled with an assortment of entertainment and arts happenings accessible to everyone. Our region is also home to hundreds of arts and cultural organizations and institutions whose mission is to expand the artistic discourse and bring you the best performances ranging from the intimate and cutting edge to the traditional and classic.

Arts and Culture ShortsThe fresh local stories are sprinkled throughout the day’s lineup on WSKG TV (Channel 46).

We don’t want you to miss anything! That is why WSKG’s Arts and Culture Shorts are a great way to keep you informed about the cool stuff happening in our neck of the woods.





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