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A video series for adults that introduces math vocabulary & strategies children learn in school!

These short, clear and fun videos will help to explain math topics that are taught in elementary Common Core curricula. The videos will help develop a conceptual understanding of how math practices build on previous knowledge and empower parents and caregivers to help their children learn foundational math skills.

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Concept of Number
Zero the Hero!
Magic Math Fingers
How to Use a Rekenrek
Make a Rekenrek at Home
Adding To & Taking From
Going on a Shape Hunt
Describing with Relative Positions


Number Partners of Ten
Number Bonds
Using a Number Bond to Show Subtraction
Counting On…
More, Fewer, Same
Modeling with a Ten-Frame

Grade 1

Mental Math: Make 10
How to Solve a Story Problem
Fact Family Photos
1 Fact Family, 8 Number Sentences
Understanding Place Value
Modeling with a Tape Diagram

 Grade 2

Number Forms
Tape Diagrams: Modeling 2-Digit Addition & Subtraction
Place Value Chart
Foundation of Multiplication & Division
Regrouping to Subtract

Grade 3

Fractions on a Number Line
Solving 2-Step Word Problems
Rounding: Nearest 10 or 100
Multiplication Fluency

Grade 4

Area Model
Partial Products
Units of Measure
Decomposing Fractions
Making Sense of Money

Good To Know is a collaborative project between WSKG and local educators. Thank you to the local teachers who helped us craft the series. Support provided by the Teacher Center of Broome County, the Southern Tier Teacher Center Network, GST-BOCES, BT-BOCES, Floyd Hooker Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation.

Parents! Do you know all your concepts?

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Math Is Everywhere!
Use what’s around your busy family to support learning – wherever you are! Download this resource for parents (and teachers to share).

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