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WSKG launched the Youth Voice media education initiative in June 2012.  Through the power of media, high school students in the Southern Tier of New York State investigate topics they feel are important to them and their communities.  Students produced their own NPR-style radio segments, offering the community a chance to experience an often-unheard voice of local teens.


About the Project

Each student creates a storyboard and script, records, edits, and produces a short-form audio segment on a topic of importance to them.  Students learn how to produce a National Public Radio-style story in the category of News, Arts & Life, or Music.

Students’ short-form audio segments broadcast on WSKG Binghamton (89.3 FM) and WSKG Ithaca (90.9FM).  We are proud to share these young voices with our community!

Follow the students’ progress on Tumblr, SoundCloud, Pinterest, and Twitter at #YthVoice.


New York State Learning Standards

Youth Voice is aligned with:

English Language Arts
Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding
Standard 3: Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation
Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction

Career Development and Occupational Studies
Standard 1: Career Development
Standard 2: Intergrated Learning
Standard 3a: Universal Foundation Skills



  • Radio Boot Camp
  • Writing for Radio
  • Voice of Radio
  • Production of Radio Segments: Digital Recording Equipment & Editing Software


Radio Boot CampYouth Voice students work independently and collaboratively to finish projects

Students begin their work by attending Radio Boot Camp at WSKG Studios.  Students work directly with WSKG staff to develop the tools to story-board, script, interview, record, and edit a radio story!


Student Outcomes

(A)  Enhancing communication skills
(B)  Enriching academic skills
(C)  Creating an awareness of social responsibilities
(D)  Introducing career choices associated with the broadcasting profession through hands-on experience
(E)  Developing segments that reinforce and reflect the social cultures of Ithaca and Binghamton and serving as a bridge between the cities’ youth

Recent Episodes

Listen Live
  • WSKG Radio
  • WSQX Radio

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