Two Girls, A Dog, and Death

What would happen if we combined the creative writing of students and teachers with the audio technology of today? Something awesome, we think! And it did. A group of Ithaca area students entered WSKG’s An Ear for Drama Contest. Their winning script 'Two Girls, a Dog, and Death' follows two disgraced detectives as they solve a murder mystery. Sophia Bosworth-Viscuso, Clanie Lashley, Mia Lashley, and Millie McCulloch-Havell are the students who wrote and performed the script.

‘Two Girls, a Dog, and Death’: Interview with Creators of Local Radio Drama

Last spring, four Ithaca area students worked together to write a script and submitted their radio drama to WSKG’s An Ear for Drama project. The judging committee unanimously selected it as the strongest entry. From here, the students visited WSKG and worked on voicing techniques and strengthening the script. In addition to writing a winning radio drama script, the students each took part in recording it at WSKG Studios alongside local professional voice actors. The students answered the following interview questions to share their perspective on the experience.