Bachelor of Fine Arts Gallery Exhibition at Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts

The BFA at ABFA exhibition is the opening of the senior student show for the graduating BFA majors of Binghamton university. The culmination of years of work presented at the Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts gallery, organized by the students themselves. The show continues through the weekend, with the final day of the show being the following Monday. Hours-
Thursday: 6pm- 8pm
Friday: 5pm- 8pm
Saturday/Sunday: 12pm- 4pm
Monday: 5pm- 8pm

ACA Shooting Nine Years Ago Today

“It’s one of the challenges of the human spirit – developing a positive outlook in the face of the fact that we’re all going to die and birth is a fatal disease,” said David Marsland, whose wife was killed in the attack. “It’s a question of how you live as opposed to how you die.


Binghamton Mayor David: GOP Tax Plans “Unfair” To New York


Binghamton Mayor Rich David is joining the chorus of lawmakers who oppose the Republican tax plans in Congress. David said the plan is unfair to New Yorkers, especially the limit to state and local tax deductions (SALT). The SALT deduction allows taxpayers who itemize their taxes to deduct their state and local taxes on their federal return. This helps offset the burden in high tax states like New York. This is something that we’re very concerned about,” David said. “When the city, the county the school district talk about how to provide tax relief, with regard to our own budgets, it is counterproductive then at the federal level when you eliminate deductions that are very important to local taxpayers.”  David said the deduction protects people from double taxation.


Incumbent Mayors Win Binghamton, Oneonta, New Leaders In Corning, Hornell

“Four more years!” chanted the crowd gathered for Republican Mayor Rich David’s watch party at Terra Cotta Catering in downtown Binghamton. When the chairman of the Broome County Republicans announced the win, David took the stage to the song “Roar” by Katy Perry.  David beat Democratic challenger Tarik Abdelazim. In Otsego County, Democrat Gary Herzig easily hung on to his seat. His challenger was a Republican write-in candidate.


Where Binghamton Mayoral Candidates Stand On Regional Issues


Next Tuesday, Binghamton voters choose between Republican incumbent Rich David and Democrat Tarik Abdelazim for their next mayor. WSKG’s Gabe Altieri talked with both of the candidates about issues that affect not only Binghamton, but communities throughout the Southern Tier.  Blight and Opioids: On Blight: When a property is foreclosed on, the county takes control, then auctions it off. Tarik Abdelazim doesn’t like this process. He says the people bidding on these properties are often slumlords who aren’t interested in revitalizing them. Abdelazim, instead, wants to move all the properties over to the land bank and only sell to landlords without code violations at their properties over the last two years.