Dental Care Tips for Your Pet – Baker Pet Talks

Looking for home care strategies to help you maintain your pet’s dental health? Has your vet recommended a ‘dental’? What does that involve? Using life-sized skeletal models, Dr. Ng and Schneider will teach you:

Home care strategies to maintain your pet’s dental health
How to identify signs of oral pain in cats and dogs
Advanced procedures that might be recommended for your pet

If you can’t make it to the Institute, you can watch the demonstration live online. PLease see our website for more details.


Halloween Safety Can Keep Your Pets From Getting Tricked


It’s Halloween and pet owners are making sure their cats and dogs stay safe. Sheryl and her owner Katie Kanazawich live on Binghamton’s West Side. Sheryl is a Plott Hound mix who is excitable and sweet, and loves to dress up. “When you bring [her clothes] out, she knows they’re hers, she wags her tail and gets excited to wear it,” Katie said. Sheryl has holiday themed shirts and an airplane costume.