New Challenges Arise During 'Trouble At Christmas'


It’s an all-new season of Bob the Builder every Saturday morning at 7:00am on WSKG Create. And don’t forget to share photos or feedback of your students/kids withWSKG using hashtag #WSKGBuddingBuilders! Check out the episode description below for what’s in store this weekend!

Muck the Elf
While erecting a Gingerbread House display at the plaza, Muck obsessively takes on the role of a Christmas elf – zipping around helping make the season special. He tries building a toy go-kart, decorating a Christmas tree, and even delivering presents. Unfortunately, his efforts don’t seem to be as helpful as he intended. Muck realizes that he is most useful when he helps with things that he is good at doing and assists Bob by collecting supplies for the display. Meanwhile, Wendy and Bob exchange hand-made Christmas cards.

Learning Goals
To recognize one’s talents.
To appreciate the value of persistence.
To understand responsibility.
To learn about making meaningful contributions.

A Christmas Fix
A very excited Mr. Bentley gets Bob and the team to set up Fixham’s big Christmas party, but he insists on hanging so many lights that they cause a power failure! Unable to use the square, Bob offers to relocate the event to his yard for a smaller, but just as enjoyable, party.

Learning Goals
To recognize one’s limitations.
To learn the value of flexible thinking.
To learn about being resourceful.
To observe properties of electrical circuitry.