New Flight Out Of Elmira Corning Airport Starts This Fall


VESTAL, NY (WSKG) – Allegiant Airlines is adding another flight out of the Elmira Corning Regional Airport.

The flights start in November to Punta Gorda, located in southwest Florida. Allegiant already offers flights to Tampa and Orlando. 

This comes after the airport completed over $60 million in renovations last year, thanks to funding from the state.

The renovations included a larger terminal, more parking spaces, and vendors.

Officials said those have put Elmira ahead of other regional airports.

Matthew Grapengieser/Flickr

For example, United and American airlines left both Binghamton and Elmira in 2016. United returned to Elmira last year, but hasn’t come back to Binghamton, which is left with one flight.

“I think Elmira’s a little bit different due to our ongoing efforts to pursue the airlines and pursue air service development,” said Tom Freeman, the Director of Aviation at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport. “And that starts with being a business friendly atmosphere for them, having the facilities for them.”

Freeman said the improvements have made the airport attractive to airlines. They could also lead to more airlines offering more destinations. 

“Our focus now is going to just be to continue on our business development and see what other flights we can get,” Freeman said. 

Flights from Elmira to Punta Gorda will be made twice a week.

Elmira Corning hosts two other airlines. Delta has flights to Detroit, and United has flights to Washington, D.C. 

Full disclosure: The Elmira Corning Regional Airport has been a WSKG underwriter.