A story of ambition, addiction, and the power of second chances



We may call it shu, or segregation, or medical observation, but whatever words we use are a shorthand for the truth: a coded way of saying you are nothing and now you have nothing. Your world is only a tangle of dreams and realities, drifting through the sterile air of nine by six coffin.

~from CORRECTIONS IN INK, by Keri Blakinger

Keri Blakinger is the author of CORRECTIONS IN INK, a memoir that details her life from being a figure skating competitor with an eating disorder, to her life as an addict. In 2010, while she was attending Cornell University, she was arrested for drug possession and spent the next two years incarcerated: first, in the Tompkins County jail, and then serving a sentence in upstate New York. After she was released, she finished her degree and went on to become a journalist. She wrote for the Ithaca Voice, the Houston Chronicle, and she’s now a reporter covering prisons and jails for The Marshall Project. 

If you are struggling with addiction, you can call the New York State HOPEline for help. The number is 1-877-8-HOPENY. And if you are thinking about suicide, or you or someone you love is in crisis, call the National Suicide Hotline for help. Just dial 9-8-8.