A Tompkins County Food Pantry Re-Opens After Temporary Suspension


ENFIELD, NY (WSKG) – The Enfield Food Pantry has re-opened. It was temporarily suspended by the Food Bank of the Southern Tier for potential rodent problems.

Enfield is about 6 miles from Ithaca.

About three weeks ago, Food Bank of the Southern Tier stopped delivering food to the pantry until they did a few things to prevent rodents from getting in.

The town owns the building where the pantry’s located. So, the Town Board, Pantry volunteers and the Food Bank came together to resolve the problems.

Celia Clarke/WSKG Public Media

A volunteer sets out food at the Enfield Food Pantry. Sunday, June 30, 2018. (WSKG/Celia Clarke)

Now, the food pantry has freshly spackled and painted walls to keep rodents from getting in. It also has new metal shelving to keep food higher off the ground and away from the walls.

Outside, the town cleared plants and weeds from close to the building. And going forward they have a pest management plan.

About one hundred families get food from the pantry each week.

DISCLOSURE:  Celia Clarke volunteers for the Enfield Food Pantry.