Community Advisory Board (CAB)

What is the WSKG Community Advisory Board (CAB)?
When does the WSKG CAB meet?
What is the WSKG Policy on public comment at CAB meetings?
Who are the current members of the WSKG CAB?
Suggested Agenda for regional CAB meetings
CAB application


The WSKG Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of current WSKG Members who wish to provide input into programming decisions for WSKG TV, WSKG Radio, WSQX Radio and

For information on becoming a member of the WSKG CAB, please email Greg Keeler or call 607.729.0100 x311.


Meetings of the CAB are open to the public. For connection information, email Greg Keeler at

Monday, June 22
6:00pm – 7:30pm
via video and phone conference


WSKG Community Advisory Board welcomes relevant constructive comment from the public at its meetings. The CAB encourages input from all individuals and groups across the station’s listening and viewing area. So that the process will be efficient and productive, the following protocol is established:

  1. A “Public Comment” line will be included in the agenda for all regular Community Advisory Board meetings. The comment period will be at the start of the meeting after the adoption of the meeting’s agenda and prior to the start of old and new Business.
  2. The total time for public comments will be limited to twenty (20) minutes, with each person limited up to five (5) minutes. Priority recognition will be given to those persons who have not previously addressed the CAB.
  3. Comments made at CAB meetings, or written inquiries sent to the CAB, must be relevant to the CAB’s functions and responsibilities, i.e., programming and/or community involvement.
  4. Public comments, and any matter submitted, where a response is requested from the CAB must be in writing (e-mail is acceptable) and submitted to the CAB Chairman. All written responses will be processed in a timely manner but may take up to 30 days to allow time for review by the station’s Board of Trustees, management, and/or WSKG’s General Counsel.
  5. Special CAB meetings, such as public forums, may be held for the sole purpose of gathering public input. For such meetings, this policy can be suspended by CAB directive.
  6. This policy is subject to cancellation or modification, at any time, in the discretion of the CAB.

This policy will be published on WSKG’s web site, will be available at WSKG’s front desk, and will be handed out to the public at CAB meetings. WSKG’s management and staff are also available to hear and respond to public comments. Submit a comment to WSKG directly here.



Carolyn Adam

Percy Browning

Bruce Cameron

Ron Cappiello

Melissa Collins

Charles Gilinsky

Margaret Goodfellow

Brad Grainger

Harry Graves

Sally Grubb

Tom Heitz

Julie Huntsman

Peter Masse

Stacy McCabe

Elizabeth Mount

Brian Wetzel



  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review of WSKG content and services materials
  3. How do you connect to WSKG? (select all that apply)
    [ ] WSKG Radio [ ] WSQX Radio [ ] WSKG TV (main channel)
    [ ] WSKG Create [ ] WSKG World [ ] [ ] via social media
    [ ] community events for adults [ ] community events for children and families
    [ ] none of the above
  4. What are the most important issues and/or needs in your community?
  5. What do you think is unique and special about your community?
  6. Does WSKG programming reflect and address the important issues and needs in your community?
  7. Is there anything else about WSKG or your community you would like to share?
  8. Other Business/Open Discussion
  9. Meeting Adjourns

CAB Application