Which WSKG Radio Host Are You? Take the Quiz!


Do you ever listen to WSKG or WSQX and think, “WOW, Bill Snyder and I could be twins!” Or maybe you say, “Geez, Crystal Sarakas could be my soulmate…”

Here’s your chance to find out if that’s true! We proudly present the Which WSKG Radio Host Are You? Quiz.

Our hosts – Bill Snyder, Crystal Sarakas, Monica Sandreczki, Sarah Gager, Sam Goodyear and Bret Jaspers – took the quiz themselves, and now we have answers to all the deep, burning questions you’ve always wanted to know about them, like “If you were an animal, what would you be?”

Choose the answer that best matches your own (or try to guess what your favorite host said), and find out which WSKG Radio host you are!



By the way, did you know we’re doing something one-derful? April 13 is One-Day Wednesday, our one-day WSKG Radio fundraiser and our commitment to bring you more public radio, less fundraising. Show your support for your favorite hosts today!